Wikileaks Founder Assange Interview on Censorship or ‘Digital McCarthyism’

With wikileaks founder Julian Assange out on bail, he was interviewed MSNBC.Com. Seeing as this is a highly controversial topic, we thought we should have it for you, seeing as the interview with Assange deals with ethics and ethical behaviors, both good and bad. This is a highly controversial topic and one that we feel should be addressed. While wikileaks may have crossed the lines on some of the things that were published, there are also things that we should be aware of that were kept in the dark about. While most of us are aware of the levels of corruption and unethical behaviors of some of our politicians, without such watchdogs like wikileaks or other media outlets, who’s going to protect us then? Now they want to make whistle blowing a crime again, as now it isn’t against unethical companies, now it is against unethical politicians and there behind closed doors wheeling and dealings. I agree that the published materials do need to be better edited and watched over, as serious matters of international security are concerned at times, but those that have the potential to jeopardize us all and those of the complete and utter lack of respect to the citizens of the world by individuals hiding behind closed doors should be made public. I just hope that this whole fiasco doesn’t wind me up in jail, or lead to censorship, which might end up with free speech and our right to know what the heck some of these leaders with suspect ethical behaviors are doing behind closed doors being the real victim here, along with the rest of our rights. Here is the interview with Assange:

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