Wine Cork Projects How to Recycle Wine Bottle Corks

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Don't waste this by carelessly disposing of it - Use your imagination for this versatile material!

Wine cork projects, how to recycle wine bottle corks, because when you finish a bottle of vino, most of us I presume tend to throw the them away, so what do you do with the bottle corks? It doesn’t go into your paper, plastic, metal, or cardboard recycling bins, and throwing it away seems wasteful. Thankfully, some organizations have stepped up to meet this need for the recycling of this multipurpose element. You can also recycle wine corks at home in many different creative ways. Here are some of the companies that currently recycle wine corks, and ideas for your own recycling of this great multipurpose material.

Once known as ReCORK America, ReCORK by Amorim is a recycling program sponsored by Amorim of Portugal. Passionate about staving off climate change, ReCORK is motivated by the sustainable and eco-friendly nature of this material and cork products.

According to, the used items can be made into footwear, insulation for buildings, gaskets for automobiles, floor tiles, craft materials, and sports equipment. They also can be chopped for mulch or soil conditioner as well. ReCORK is working to establish locations for its collection at businesses across America.

This cork recycling company partnered with Whole Foods in the spring of 2010. Collection boxes for used, natural corks are being set up at Whole Foods stores in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. These companies recognize the rising demand for this item and the possible damage to the forests that provide us with them could occur if harvest is done too quickly or carelessly.

The trees used to produce this are not cut down to harvest this product. Instead, the bark is stripped from the tree every twelve years, preserving the tree’s life. But the timing is important and increased demand could mean careless harvest practices.

Yemm & Hart (

Yemm & Hart posts an address on their website where consumers can send their used items to. Located in Missouri, Yemm & Hart specializes in manufacturing wine bottle cork floor tiles from recycled corks. The company considers this the most sustainable product that can be made from these handy items. Their website includes a down loadable brochure for you to distribute.

What Else Can Be Made from These?

Industries and manufacturers can make flooring, shoe soles, insulation, gaskets, and even sports equipment from these handy items. Being a sustainable, renewable resource, and is popular for all kinds of items. There are things you can do with these useful items at home, too. Here are some ideas:

Recycling Wine Corks at Home

* Use them as floats for a fishing line.

* They also make very good cat toys. Stick feathers into them or simply attach one of them to a string, or add several to several strings tied to a ring. Some cats will be happy just batting the it around on the floor as-is.

* Put them down in your yard and garden as mulch. They do break down eventually, even if you put them in your garden whole.

* Crafts of all kinds can be made with these useful items. Children can glue them together to make cork people or animals. Adults can make wreaths, trivets, picture frames, and other items.

We hope that Wine Cork Projects How to Recycle Wine Bottle Corks gives you some great ideas for your leftover bottle plugs this holiday season!

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