Wood Stove versus Pellet Stove Eco Comparison of Wood Stoves and Pellet Stoves

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Which furnace to choose from? Here are some pros and cons for the battle of the stoves!

The wood stove versus the pellet Stove, here is a eco comparison of wood stoves and pellet stoves, so when it comes to heating your home with either of these furnace choices, it’s always good idea to make a comparison among the two main types. Both of these types of furnaces have good points and bad points. Here are some of the pros and cons for both of them.

Wood Stoves


* Firewood is a renewable fuel. As trees are cut down, new ones grow. In fact, a lot of firewood comes from trees that have fallen for natural reasons so you don’t have to cause more damage to the ecosystem.

* Your firewood can often be found for free, and wood is readily available if you need to purchase it.

* No electricity is required with a wood stove – at least not in theory. A good electric blower is a nice investment that will force the heat to circulate around the house, but it is not essential.


* This type can be very labor-intensive. You have to cut, haul, and stack the firewood (or find someone else to do it). You have to carry the firewood in, make sure it stays dry, and actually build the fire (which can get frustrating). Then you have to feed the fire throughout the day and bank it at night. If a snowstorm is coming, you will have to anticipate it and gather your firewood beforehand to avoid going out into the inclement weather.

* Emissions are a concern with these types of furnaces. The smoke produced can be copious and release co2 among other things.

* This type is very messy. You have to clean out the ashes periodically, and find a proper place to dispose of them. Carrying in wooden logs and carrying out ash means there will be a lot of dirt on the floor.

* If you don’t already have a fireplace, purchasing and installing one of these can be quite expensive as you have to supply a safe route for the exhaust of the smoke.

Pellet Stoves


* Cleaner burning is an advantage over the other choice here. The emissions are few, and the overall mess is reduced.

* This type proves to be very convenient. They can be used in homes without fireplaces and chimneys, and you don’t have to tend a pellet stove like you do a firewood-burning furnace.

* Pellets are cleaner to transport and place into this furnace than wooden logs.

* The fuel is made from waste materials that otherwise would not have a use.


* If you live in a mobile home, you will need to check with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to make sure you have the correct model that is approved for use in mobile homes.

* You have to buy the pellets; there are no free, fallen “pellet trees” to cut up!

* They require electricity to operate. Some units do come with a battery back-up, or you can connect this type to a generator. But if you live in an area prone to heavy snows and power outages, this is certainly a consideration.

* This type of furnace itself can be expensive to buy.

We hope that Wood Stove versus Pellet Stove – An Eco Comparison of Wood Stoves and Pellet Stoves helps you to make a better informed decision when choosing a stove for you home!

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