2010 Climate Bill

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Fate of the 2010 climate bill

The 2010 Climate Bill appears to be dead according to a dozen of our senators out of 16 surveyed. With the economy still a mess and jobs scarce, lawmakers see little chance of passing legislation which might hinder economic recovery and growth. The amount of people whom believe climate change and global warming are a hoax has more than doubled, and those whom do believe that global warming is real and caused by humans is at 10 percent. So now they are talking about expanding offshore drilling, building more nuclear power plants and requiring a portion of the U.S. electric supply to be generated by renewable sources.

I wonder if these people that believe global warming it is a hoax have children and grand children, for they seem to be betting their lives on global warming being a hoax. As the clock ticks away, so do hopes that we will actually achieve any major co2 reduction plans before the sea is washing up along the curbs of Wall Street. How ironic would that be? What many may not realize is that with global warming and climate change, other things happen that will affect every living being on this planet, like it or not. Droughts, extreme droughts for that matter are becoming increasingly prevalent. The American west, where many whom believe global warming to be fiction I imagine, will turn into a desert (actually, is turning into), as it was millions of years ago. Food shortages, from the droughts will starve millions, and force millions more to migrate elsewhere. Resources for all 6 + billion of us will become very taxed, and create issues sooner or later. Another serious issue is the glacier melting, especially in Greenland. Forget the seas rising, if the ocean currents are disrupted or changed, it will have a dramatic affect on everyone as well. If this scenario plays out, Wall Street would be under a mile of ice that would even be more ironic than it being under water. Probably would serve them right, with what they did to the economy.

Now I do not like to be an alarmist, but is this really what we want for our children, grandchildren and great grand children? Economy or no economy, global warming will continue on until we physically do something about it, and that being on a large scale for that matter. Talk is cheap as they say, and so far is about the only thing we do about the issues at hand. We will debate this until the glacier is nipping at the White House lawn, given our track record as humans I imagine. I am not an economic guru by any means, but it seems to me that us dragging our feet and doing either nothing or too little too late will far surmount any expenditures to curb the tide of global warming, no pun intended. The leader of Venezuela said at the Copenhagen Climate Change Treaty that the only way to resolve the issue of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change bills would be to revert to socialism. Now I consider myself to be a good American, and believe in the freedoms which we have in the U.S., and like most, think Chavez is a nut bag for the most part, but with that individual assessment about coming to a climate change consensus, he may have nailed it right on the head. Let’s face it, look what the power of Wall Street did to the world economy with their greed and corruption. Let’s imagine they are at the reins of the whole climate change is a hoax argument, if not, at the very least they are behind all the financial opposition to the plans. Do we really expect them to ‘go green’ at this point, or any point until the ice flow or ocean is creeping up on their doorsteps?

Money, money, money, and greed is one of the seven deadly sins, and it might just do us in once and for all. And this is what it all boils down to in a nutshell. Global warming or money, and money will more than likely win. Now we gave banks around a trillion dollars for them literally selling bad paper, which they invented so they could make more money on money that never existed in the first place. Now with that ingenuity, criminal as it may seem, why can’t we come up with an economically feasible plan to give a jump start towards our push towards going green and reducing the affects of climate change. It doesn’t need to be about money, and shouldn’t be, for that is wrong on so many levels. It needs to be about saving the human race, for that may be what it ultimately boils down to, like it or not. Let’s put aside the money thing, and trade, barter, create new jobs, take back the trillions from the banks and put it into a real solution to global warming instead of making it worse with all the hot air that is spewing out of government officials and many others for that matter. If you’re betting against climate change, just like you bet on those hedge funds, you’d better rethink your strategy. One of these days you will be in for a rude awakening my friend, which I hope is not the case, but as of right now, the future is being played out today, and it doesn’t give me much hope that we will ever overcome this problem of ours. Hopefully I may be wrong, but unfortunately for those that will come after us, and even for some of us, I truly doubt it.

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