Are You Too Busy Take A Time Out And Find Solitude in Our Busy Lives

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Are You Too Busy like the poor lady in the photo? Learn to Take A Time Out And Find Solitude in Our Busy Lives with these helpful tips!

Many of us find that we are too busy and need a time out from our busy lives. For those who crave solitude, finding the time to experience it can be challenging. Take a look at your schedule and see if there is some time you can carve out for yourself. You may have to sacrifice another activity, or arrange for childcare or make other plans. But any way you do it, make sure you do it regularly rather than spontaneously.

Just hoping for some “me” time to show up is stressful and frustrating; you don’t know if or when you will find the time. But if you make the time weekly or even monthly, your mind can get some rest knowing you have that time to yourself coming up. It will help you handle the hectic days in between with much more grace.

But how do you do it? Once you carve out the time, you may need some ideas for how to enjoy your solitude. After all, many of us have forgotten how! Here are some ideas.

* Garden – Gardening can be very therapeutic. You are away from phones, computers, and other technological distractions in the garden, and you are taking in sunlight and fresh air. Gardening provides exercise and a connection with nature, both therapeutic things.

* Walk – Again, combining exercise with solitude has a double healing effect. Try to take a walk by yourself – maybe after dinner once a week, your spouse, other family member, or friend can do the dishes for you and take care of the kids for an hour. Take your cell phone for emergencies, but turn it off during your walk. Walk in your neighborhood, or drive to a local park and walk in the woods.

* Parks – Parks are, as noted above, wonderful for solitary walks. They are also good for sitting and reflecting, either on the ground, on a rock, or on a bench. Just enjoy and observe people, the weather, and so forth. Observation removes you mentally from the rat race.

* Museum – Visit a museum with an exhibit that interests you. Take some time to contemplate art, science, history, and so forth. If ,you are alone, no one can make you feel rushed.

* Read – Get into a good book or magazine and you have instantly created your own personal space within your mind. Take your reading material to the aforementioned park, or just shut the door to a room in your house for awhile, making it clear that this is not time to disturb you.

* Write in a Journal – Writing also gives you access to the solitary inner world. Keep a journal that is for your eyes only, so that your solitude is protected and you do not feel pressured to come up with brilliant ideas. Take your journal to the woods or the park and write what you see and experience.

* Draw or Sketch – Your journal and sketchbook can be one in the same or separate notebooks. Either way, if sketching and or drawing is something you enjoy, it is a perfect solitary activity. Again, keep the sketchbook for your eyes only unless you want to share it.

If you find that you are too busy and wish to take a time out, we hope these suggestions help you to find solitude in your busy lives!

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