Awning Saves Energy – How Awnings Save Energy


Awning Saves Energy - How Awnings Save Energy

Awning saves energy – how awnings save energy, and for the record, the awning has been around awhile, and have been enjoying a modest resurgence lately. During a span in the 1930s, when summer temperatures were at record highs across the US, they were a common sight on the fronts of businesses and homes all across the landscape. There is nothing complicated about the awning; the principle of them is really quite simple – anything that is in the shade keeps cooler.

The energy savings from using these are quite significant. And most of them are retractable, which means you can allow the sun in during the winter months when you welcome the sun’s warmth in your home.

First, let’s look at some of the types available.

1. Retractable awnings are good for RV owners and those who want to block the sun only at certain times of the day. These tend to be less expensive than permanent ones. They have supporting arms that attach to the structure and a hand-crank type of mechanism for rolling the awning up. Some of them are motorized – press a button and the awning retracts.

2. Aluminum awnings are usually enameled in a variety of colors. They do not roll up, but they are tough and durable. Some manufacturers claim that aluminum awnings actually increase air circulation, helping to cool the home.

3. Canvas types are perhaps the most familiar to many of us. They can also be colorful, and come in retractable or permanent styles.

4. Patio covers are simply really big ones, and have the effect of adding another room to your home – a room that doesn’t require air conditioning! These types come in aluminum, wood, and vinyl.

But how do these save energy?

1. They shade your windows, through which the sun enters your home and heats it significantly. If you have these, your air conditioning bills will decrease quite a bit. Your house is simply cooler without the sunlight pouring in – some sources say that your house will be anywhere from 8 to 15 degrees cooler.

2. As more people use these, the overall energy use of a community is decreased. This saves the utility companies money, which in turn means savings for consumers.

3. An innovative new idea is coming to the fore with regard to efficiency: photovoltaic awnings. This concept takes the energy efficient notion of these and applies it literally. Photovoltaic awnings will have solar cells on them that make use of the sunlight as they block it from entering your windows.

We hope that Awning Saves Energy – How Awnings Save Energy helps you and your home stay in the shade and stay cooler and are part of the ethical solution to help minimize our negative impact on the planet!

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