Bears Packers Time Football Games Today

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Are you ready for some football? Watch the Football Games Today!

The Bears Packers time is officially set for 3 PM EST and the Jets Steelers game time is 6:30 PM EST. Both games are big and competition will be high this year as all the teams match up fairly well, so it is a toss up as to whom will win. The over/under for the NFC game are 3 to 3.5 and the AFC game is 3 to 4 for the spreads.

The Bears Packers rivarly is the oldest in the league, and this will be the 182nd game between the two teams. The rivarly is always intense, and this being the NFC Championship game, it will make the intensity even more extreme. The matchup promises to bode well for the defenses, as the temperature will be at 21 degrees and the turf questionable, as Chicago decided against replacing the mid field turf that was a little scruffy according to some sources. The Packers won the last outing 10 – 3 on January 2nd at Lambeau field, with similar weather conditions to today. The PAckers are favored by 3 1/2 points going into the classic battle of the black and blue division, to which it has been referred to in the past, but not so much anymore.

The Packers offense has been impressive lately, but their offensive line is questionable at times, and the running game is amiss for the most part, but the passing game is as dangerous as it gets, which helps them with the run somewhat. If the passing game is shut down, then so are the Pack, so all eyes will be on Aaron Rodgers.

For the Bears, they aren’t as potent on offense, but they get the job done for the most part. They don’t have any big names to speak of, and aren’t very well known, but they manage to win, which is all that counts. The Bears defense has been rejuvenated this year, which has been one of the prime keys to their success this year, along with the addition of offensive coordinator Mike Martz, whom has brought some life back into a dismall offensive uniot from last season.

So get your popcorn, beer, pizza, and snacks ready for Bears Packers time, which is again, # PM EST and airs on the Fox network, and the Jets Steelers game time is 6:30 EST and airs on CBS, and may the best teams win for these football games today. FYI, the Super Bowl XLV is on February 6, 2011 at 6:30 PM ESTand airs on Fox and is in Arlington, Texas, the Dallas Cowboys new home.

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