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Dolphin Killing in Denmark Faroe Islands

the blood bath

Dolphin killing in Denmark is a ritual requirement for teen passage to manhood, at least in the Faroe Islands. The whole town comes down to the shores, including children whom are kept out of school for the event so they can watch the ritual slaughter of the Calderon Dolphins. They all gather at the bloody …

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Neonicotinoid Pesticides Bee Populations Colony Collapse Disorder Linked in Two New Studies


Neonicotinoid pesticides and bee populations crash are linked, however CropLife America, a front group for Monsanto, Dow, and other pesticide makers would have you believe otherwise. 2 recent studies have tied the crashing populations of Bees to the pesticide. The pesticides in question are called Neonicotinoids, since they are derived from nicotine (used as a …

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Killing of Dolphins “The Cove” Exposes Dolphin Killing in Japan


Killing of Dolphins “The Cove” Exposes Dolphin Killing in Japan. This is documented well by “The Cove”, an Academy Award winning and Sundance Film festival award winning film about the yearly slaughter of over 23,000 Dolphins every year at a Taiji cove, Japan. The entire event is hidden in secrecy for the most part with …

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