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Outdoor Adventures What to Consider When Choosing Hiking Trails

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Are you interested in going on outdoor adventures and hiking trails? Whether that hiking adventure will last for a few hours or a whole weekend, you will need to choose a hiking trail. When it comes to choosing a one of these trails, you need to remember that you have a number of different options. …

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Mountain Bike Riding Tips – Does Mountain Biking Cause Harm to Nature?

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Mountain Bike riding tips – Does mountain biking cause harm to nature, but there is little doubt that the popularity of mountain biking has increased in recent years. This is not without controversy – not long ago, there was discussion about allowing mountain biking in national parks where it had not been allowed before. Here …

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How to Avoid Plant and Insect Stings and Bites In Your Backyard

insects,stinging,backyard,insect,long,How to avoid plant and insect stings and bites in your backyard,insect stings and bites

How to avoid plant and insect stings and bites in your backyard because nothing spoils a fun summer day outdoors quite like nasty stings. Certain plants, such as stinging nettle, can cause a painful sting, and of course insects from bees to mosquitoes can bite and sting. Here are some tips on avoiding these unpleasant …

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Is Clothing With UV Protection Worth Buying Good and Bad Points to Consider First

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Is clothing with UV Protection worth buying good and bad points to consider first, and first of all, lets begin with the fact that all clothing protects you from the sun to a certain degree. UV protective clothing, however, has a specific, protective scale similar to that of sunscreen. A lot of UV protective clothing …

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Winter Too

walking in a winter wonderland,winter wonderland,winter,family,enjoy,outdoors,walk,fun,snow,time,build,ice skating

Outdoor pleasures are not just for spring and summer, because walking in a winter wonderland can be a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors in winter. Winter offers some beautiful and fun outdoor activity. While most of us associate winter with being cooped up indoors, there are all sorts of fun ways to enjoy …

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Enjoy These Fun Green Family Activities in Spring

Enjoy These Fun Green Family Activities in Spring,family activities spring, eco friendly activities, green fun, rafting canoeing, family time,family,green,spring,activities,families,time,close,enjoy,fun,look

Enjoy these fun green family activities in spring this year. It is tempting to think that entertainment for children involves spending money or wasteful consumption, but there are wonderful things you can do as a family that are both green and fun. Spending time as a family and getting outdoors are both healthy activities, emotionally …

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Host a Trash Throwing Pickup Party

Host a Trash Throwing Pickup Party,trash throwing pickup party, trash throwing, trash,party,throwing,pickup,want,area,fun,good,green,help

Host a Trash Throwing Pickup Party, have you ever been enjoying the beauty of a landscape only to have your experience ruined by the sight of trash on the ground or in the water? Few things ruin the beauty of nature like improperly discarded plastic bags, bottles, paper, tires, and so forth. You may want …

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Hiking Trails – Hiking Trails Rules – Locations – Maps – Hiking Ethics

Grand Canyon South Kaibab Trails Map

Hiking trails, we have some common hiking trails rules, locations, maps and ethics to make sure that our hike doesn’t ruin everyone else’s, or the ecology and local environment. 10 Hiking Trails Essentials Ten most important things you should bring along with you on every hike. 1. Appropriate footwear. For a short day hike that …

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Guide to Atlantic Puffin Rare Bird Watching Find For Bird Watchers!

bird,atlantic,puffin,sighting,birds,black,northern,ocean,populations,rare,atlantic puffin,bird watchers,bird watching

For most bird watching enthusiasts and bird watchers sighting an Atlantic Puffin is one of those rare sighting experiences. For these avid bird lovers, keeping an eye out for a rare sighting is of the utmost importance, and this bird is one of those rare finds that avid birders will cherish for a lifetime! Observing …

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The Environmental Impact of Building Campfires How to Campfire Safely

The Environmental Impact of Building Campfires How to Campfire Safely, how to campfire,building campfires, campfire safely,campfires,campfire,make,building,control

The environmental impact of building campfires how to campfire safely, while building a campfire seems like a natural way to enjoy the wilderness. And campfires are cozy and delightfully primitive. However, they can be potentially damaging or dangerous. What impact can campfires have on the environment? Campfires can get out of control. Man-made forest fires …

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