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Working Green Hints and Ideas

Thanksgiving Help This Thanksgiving, Donate Your Services and Food

thanksgiving help,food,thanksgiving,help,time,donate,family,home,local,nursing,people

Thanksgiving help, as Thanksgiving is not only about being thankful, but about sharing with others. It’s a time to reflect on what we have been given and a time to count our blessings. Then our thoughts turn to others who may not have those advantages. Here are some ideas for acts of kindness you and …

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Levitating Death Star with a Working Green Laser

A hacked Levitron ™ anti gravity globe and some customs electronics with a working green laser and wireless remote control. Ok, I didn’t do the 7 converging lasers héhé, but it turned out pretty well, that was just a quick WE project ! Build log & details Enjoy, thanks for watching ! Erv’

Working Green Level Cufflinks Gift Boxed

Working Green Level Cufflinks High Quality Rhodium Plating Size: 22mm Shipping and Handling fee: $5.99 Flat “buy more to save on Shipping” Gift Box shown on the picture included! Working Green Level Cufflinks Gift Boxed

How’s it work? Green VPS Hosting

Having to divvy resources is something many companies wish not to do, so they buy commited machines. One way of achieving this is a green VPS hosting server. This type of commited server allows many customers to use it, instead of one client using the piece of equipment. In a way, green VPS hosting is …

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Corporate Ethics And Our Green Planet

corporate ethics,corporate,business,planet,ethics,companies,corporate,need,green,just,say,consumers

Corporate ethics and our green planet aims to enlighten us to both the positive and negative effects of businesses in our quest for a greener planet and lifestyle. It constitutes several different theories which hopefully help us to understand our underlying role in corporate ethics for a green planet. This article could take several hundred …

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How Wind Turbines Work…green Power For Your Home

The first usage of wind power dates back more than three thousand years. Windmills, which we all know from literature, were used primarily in the west between 1300 and the late 1800’s. None of this means anything to the modern homeowner, considering a wind turbine as a possible alternative energy source, however. What you do …

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Working Green Wood With Peg

Product DescriptionA basic handbook for obtaining green wood and curing it using the chemical polyethylene glycol 100. Includes directions for a variety of projects. Working Green Wood With Peg

Corporate Social Responsibilities For A Greener Planet

corporate social responsibilities,corporate,responsibilities,business,communities,corporations,companies,local,planet,shareholders,come

Corporate social responsibilities, or CSR is a term used to define a self-regulating business model in which the business regulates itself in terms of local, national, and international laws, ethical standards, and international norms. Thus when a business follows the set of self-regulations, it would take into account it’s responsibilities to it’s customers and consumers, …

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Dirty Gold The Negative Environmental Impact of Gold Mines

dirty gold,gold,mines,water,air,local,soil,dirty,dust,environmental,impact,negative environmental impact,Dirty Gold The Negative Environmental Impact of Gold Mines

Dirty Gold The Negative Environmental Impact of Gold Mines, and the term dirty gold is derived from gold that is mined with a negative environmental impact and deemed unsustainable. Unfortunately, gold is one of the dirtiest metals to mine, requiring large amounts of toxic chemicals and generating tons of waste. Here are some of the …

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Green Jobs For Me – The 2009 Green Job Guide.

Need A Job? Changing Careers? The Green Revolution Will Change The World! Green Collar Jobs Will Save The World. Find Out All About The Different Industries, Job Profiles And Where To Find Green Jobs In Your State. Green Jobs For Me – The 2009 Green Job Guide.