Corporate Ethics And Our Green Planet

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Corporate Ethics And Our Green Planet Can And Will Be Recreated

Corporate ethics and our green planet aims to enlighten us to both the positive and negative effects of businesses in our quest for a greener planet and lifestyle. It constitutes several different theories which hopefully help us to understand our underlying role in corporate ethics for a green planet. This article could take several hundred pages and many hours to write to go into full details, but to keep us both on track, I will shorten this and try and accomplish the same goals without writing a book on the subject.

We all play some sort of role in corporate ethics, whether it be consumer, stock holder, CEO, President, Owner, or customer, with the major difference being how much our opinion, vote, or other role counts. Being on the lower end of the totem pole as consumers or customers, we don’t have much say as individuals in the ethics for that corporation, but as a group of consumers it seems to reason that we would have more power and say in how a company conducts it’s everyday business activities.

Corporate ethics today stands fairly low in everyone’s minds, as corporations do what they do with little regard to social and environmental concerns, and this is where the problems lie. Some companies are better than others, and some are starting to see the light so to speak, but others are just playing the role and talking the talk, not walking the walk. Take the auto industry as just one example, as they are now moving towards cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicles. But for the most part, they still seem to be stuck in the dark ages and aren’t doing as much as they could to help the cause. The oil industry is another big example of business ethics gone wrong, with BP leading the way in that category for the worst in corporate ethics with their handling of the Gulf Oil Spill.

Lets move on to discuss business in general, as we all know a business can’t survive without making a profit. This is simple business 101, and I think we can all agree on this important factor. On the other hand, how much profit they make, and how they make it is another story altogether. Some destroy complete expanses of forests, mountains, and even oceans for that matter. Whether it be clear cutting, mining, toxic waste disposal, oil drilling, whatever the case may be, they are systematically destroying OUR planet! This is the business model at it’s worst, and should not be tolerated anymore.

There are those of us whom oppose these companies, but apparently not enough for them to get the message yet. As scattered individuals, or small groups we do not have enough “muscle” or clout to take on these corporate giants, but if we group together, sell their crappy stocks, refuse to buy any of their ill gotten products whatsoever, or buy all their stocks together and take over control, then I do believe that we can have a say in the matter and then they may start to listen to our voices and concerns. If it isn’t right, we can, and should act on these bad companies and refuse to do business with them altogether and then maybe our message will be heard!

Those that are still in denial or refuse to go against the major companies and think they do no wrong must wake up and smell the coffee. The manipulation of consumers, governments and society in general by some of these companies must be stopped and we need to take back our planet once and for all. We cannot continue going down the road to ruin and expect all to be the same, and life as we know it will continue on forever. Sooner or later something has got to give, and I’m afraid if it isn’t us, then we are in for a whole bunch of trouble. We are just beginning to see some of the adverse effects of global warming, and those will continue to rise, as will other issues, such as water and food contamination, water and food shortages, just to name a few.

That being said, and seeing as no one else is up to the task at hand, like our once well intentioned government, it comes down to us as stockholders, consumers, customers, and even employees to ultimately take back control of our planet and governments for that matter. We need to stand up to the bad corporate bullies and let them know we aren’t going to take their crap anymore. We need to let them know it is NOT OKAY to dump toxic waste in our water, it is NOT OKAY to pollute our skies and give us cancer, and many other diseases, it is NOT OKAY to ruin the oceans and destroy several billion peoples food supplies.

As for the corporations, and probably many others whom think they are still doing good, we can expect a backlash of rhetorical reasons why they can’t comply, the main reason being the cost I will go out on a limb here to say. Another will be that jobs will be lost, and plants will need to close. Some of these are reasonable arguments, but on the other hand we can’t continue to do business as usual and expect different results. For good companies, they can and will find ways to eliminate some bad or outdated corporate practices and replace that with better corporate practices which will result in the creation of jobs for those that may have lost theirs. With the future being wide open so to speak, there are many possibilities, and we don’t have to keep doing business as usual. When doors close, others open as they say, and there are many new doors to open for the few that close.

It will take time, and effort on everyone’s part, but together we can accomplish this feat. More importantly, for ourselves, our children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren, we NEED to accomplish this task. It may be painful, especially at first, but what the heck, we have a lot of that already, so in essence, it can be a boon to the economy instead of a bust. At this point we don’t have much else to lose, so if the time isn’t right now, then it will never be. We need to step up now, and make it clear that we will not tolerate anymore corporate shenanigans or malpractice, and that we will make it very difficult for them if they do not comply and take steps and actions towards making a greener planet, and not just words and a bunch of feel good commercials.

To join us in our plan to reign in these corporate pirates you can join us at Green Planet Ethics Group on Facebook where there will be a cause created and more information about our campaign. We will also be seeking officers to help promote and expand our cause so if you are so willing please contact us HERE and write interest in officer @ Green Planet Ethics along with any other message or information you would like to include.

We hope that Corporate Ethics For Our Green Planet helps all of us come together and get this planet back on the right track so we can all live healthier and happier! Peace my friends!

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