Corporate Social Responsibilities For A Greener Planet

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Corporate Social Responsibilities For A Greener Planet

Corporate social responsibilities, or CSR is a term used to define a self-regulating business model in which the business regulates itself in terms of local, national, and international laws, ethical standards, and international norms. Thus when a business follows the set of self-regulations, it would take into account it’s responsibilities to it’s customers and consumers, the environment, local communities, shareholders and all other members of it supporting community and environment. This would entail that the business itself would discontinue harmful practices towards the environment and surrounding communities it is near, and to promote public interest into the decision making process honoring the triple bottom line, which consists of people, planet and profit.

Corporate social responsibilities is both highly debated and criticized with opponents stating that it distracts from the primary economic role of the business, while supporters believe it benefits in many ways by the business model operating with a much broader perspective than their own immediate short term goals and profits. Other opponents claim it is nothing more than window-dressing, or a farce, and only gives the communities what they want to see up front and hides negative, self serving practices from the immediate public view. They also proclaim it is an attempt to deflect the role of local and national governments from policing large, rich and powerful multinational corporations.

Most companies and corporations have an impact on local communities, and all those affected by a companies actions, both good and bad are referred to as stakeholders. This goes beyond the original shareholders used to define people affected by a companies actions, whether good or bad. If the stock falls because of an industrial accident for instance, the shareholders lose money but can sell and avoid substantial losses. However, the shareholders in that community don’t have that option and have to deal with the spill, or other tragedy for some time, in some cases many years as in the Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill, and more recently, the BP Gulf Oil Spill. Those shareholders have paid a high price for corporate malfeasance, and will continue to do so for some time to come.

This is where Corporate Social Responsibilities, or lack there of comes into play. Many companies play by their own rules, and just project an image of being socially responsible corporations, while practicing harmful business practices to both the environment and shareholders of local communities. These are not what we would like to see moving into the 21st century. We, or at least I would like to think that as a species we would have evolved a little more and become more socially responsible as both individuals and businesses, not like things were back in the turn of the last century. But if you really look at things sincerely, not that much has changed. We have passed some laws, weak ones at that to help manage air and water pollution, cleaned up our act a little in other areas, but haven’t really taken that big step towards ensuring we will have a safe and stable environment for generations to come.

What we really need to do is to start to make a stand against big corporate bullies as stakeholders, banding together so that the message is heard loud and clearly. We DO NOT have to do business with socially irresponsible corporations, we do have alternatives like companies that take Corporate Social Responsibilities seriously! If we continue to allow these companies to destroy of food and water supplies, air we breath, and land we live and depend on, then we, or our next generations will suffer the consequences. We cannot allow this to happen anymore, I think we are smarter than that, and should not be manipulated by corporate greed and lies anymore.

We have begun a new era and as more and more people are becoming both socially and environmentally responsible, it is also the time for corporations to stand up to the plate and take full responsibilities for their actions as well. Corporations that take responsibility for it’s full impact on society should be the standard here in this day and age. BP attempted that act but failed miserably, and as more and more comes to light, it seems they just tried to project and image of their caring, and not actually caring behind the scenes. Unfortunately for those in the gulf, and elsewhere for that matter, including all the home owners and stock holders who lost most of their lifetime savings, putting on a feel good commercial or two and saying the right what they think we want to here just doesn’t help, period. During the last few decades our planet has also grown a whole lot smaller, with the global economy and all, and what used to happen thousands of miles away didn’t seem to affect us as much, that is, if we even heard about it. Now, we hear about about everything, and probably more than we care to hear about, and our world has grown a whole lot smaller. In that same perspective, what does happen across the seas or thousands of miles away does have an impact on us as well, albeit maybe indirectly, but make no mistake about it, it DOES ALSO AFFECT US! Some corporation uses lax laws to uses lead paint in children’s toys, dumping toxic waste into open public water supplies, that can have an impact on those thousands of miles away as well. For instance, how much of our food is now imported from across the seas, and if
someone does dump toxic waste in their back yard, they may have just as well dumped it in ours as the food we buy from their probably has been watered with that toxic water. It not only affects the local community, but our global community now as well, so we need to make these corporate wrongdoers 100% responsible for their misdeeds and utter lack of respect for OUR communities!

It is getting harder and harder to believe anything that comes out of corporations and government mouths anymore, as more and more spin is about all we hear anymore, not the truth. This is why we have created a group on Facebook for us victims of corporate abuse to come together and form an alliance to help individuals and communities come together and be a stronger voice in regards to corporate responsibilities and more importantly, corporate responsibilities and disrespect. To join us in our plan to reign in these corporate pirates you can join us at Green Planet Ethics Group on Facebook where there will be a cause created and more information about our campaign. We will also be seeking officers to help promote and expand our cause so if you are so willing please contact us HERE and write interest in officer @ Green Planet Ethics along with any other message or information you would like to include.

We hope that Corporate Social Responsibilities For A Greener Planet helps all of us come together and get this planet back on the right track so we can all live healthier and happier lives! Peace my friend

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