Could The God Particle – Higgs Boson be Discovered in 2012?

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Big bang theory proven in 2012?

The God particle, or Higgs boson has long been the pursuit of scientists far and wide. Physicists were once in the belief that the smallest components of the atom’s nucleus were protons and neutrons. After the invention and development of colliders, or particle accelerators that they discovered that the protons and neutrons were made up of quarks and gluons and that there are other forces and particles.

The Higgs boson, which is another name for this sought after particle, which was named after one of the physicists which was proposed in 1964, inspired by the ideas of Philip Anderson. The came up with the Higgs mechanism, or Englert-Brout-Higgs-Guralnik-Hagen-Kibble mechanism (named after all 6 participants), which is a process by which vector bosons can get a mass. Those 6 physicists were awarded the J.J. Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Particle Physics for their work on the Higgs mechanism.

The Higgs mechanism was first applied to the electroweak symmetry breaking by Steven Weinberg and Abdus Salam, which explains how the electroweak vector bosons get a mass but also predicts the ratio of the W boson and Z boson masses as well as there couplings amongst themselves and with the Standard Modal quarks and leptons. Many of those predictions were verified by exact measurements which were performed at the LEP and the SLC colliders which confirmed that the Higgs mechanism takes place in nature.

Rolf Heuer, the director of the European particle physics laboratory near Geneva stated that he has confidence from the latest findings from the $10 billion proton collider under the French-Swiss border that scientists will either find the God particle or be able to deny it’s existence by the end of 2012. He was quoted by reporters at a physics conference in Grenoble stating; “I would say we can settle the question, the Shakespearean question — ‘to be or not to be’ — end of next year.”

The God particle or Higgs boson isn’t just any particle, it is the linchpin of the Standard Model of particle physics which can explain the Big Bang theory due to the fact that is answers the fundamental question as to why matter has mass. The particle itself is believed to give mass to other particles, and further more to objects and creatures in the universe.

According to University of Padua, Italy physicist Fabio Zwirner, stated at the conference that there is “considerable excitement because of the many new results, but physicists were still unsure whether they were seeing “hints” at finding the particle, or were running into statistical errors.”

Higgs mechanism and Higgs boson theory

Collider may help prove Big Bang theory in 2012

The physicists at work on the project hope that the largest collider in the world will also help them see and understand other suspected phenomena, such as antimatter and dark matter, and super-symmetry. Dark matter is not just from Star Wars, it has been theorized by scientists to account for missing mass and bent light in faraway galaxies and also they believe it makes galaxies spin faster.

While scientists carry out their tasks in Geneva, we will hope they don’t create a black hole by accident, but more importantly, and seriously, we will be watching and waiting as they near the countdown to determine whether or not the God particle – Higgs boson actually exists.

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