Donations to Japan Being Delayed up to 90 Days By Phone Companies


Donations to Japan Being Delayed up to 90 Days By Phone Companies so please sign the petition or send your donation to another place from our list here or both!

Many of you good hearted souls have been sending donations for Japan, and some of those are through a text message. The phone companies are the likes of AT&T and Verizon among others that are delaying these funds for up to 90 days before they are released to the relief organizations. These same companies are getting free advertising and press for the text-to-donate programs as well. They implemented the same tactic for the Haiti disaster, although after pressure from the likes of, they came through. There is a new petition to demand that AT&T, Verizon and the other major phone service providers to stop the delay of the much needed money from reaching it’s final destination of the relief organizations at ground zero whom are participating in the relief efforts. Masaya Uchino, a law student from San Francisco with family in Japan initiated this petition, which can be found here at Stop the delay on donations to Japan petition”.

So if you want to, you can still text your donations to Japan, but I, however would not recommend that you do that at this point in time. Although this is speculation, I have a suspicion that they are keeping them for their own personal gains by collecting interest, or some other non-transparent corporate financial accounting tactic. I have lost much trust in the big ‘corporations’ as of recently, and with good reason. Another thing that you can do is to sign the petition in the link above. If you want other options to make donations to Japan, and to get your money there more quickly, here are some other options which may be much better suited to fit your goals:

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)
Donations: 800-424-ADRA (2372)
Donations address: ADRA International, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring MD 20904
Website: Adra.Org

All Hands Volunteers
Donations: 919-830-3573
Donations address: PO Box 546, Carlisle MA 01741
Website: Hands.Org

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Donations: 212-687-6200
Donations address: 132 E. 43rd St PO Box 530, New York NY 10017
Website: JDC.Org

American Red Cross
Donations: 1-800-RED-CROSS
Donations address: PO Box 37243, Washington DC 20013
Website: RedCross.Org

Donations: 203-658-9500
Donations address: 88 Hamilton Ave, Stamford CT 06902
Website: AmeriCares.Org

Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT)
Donations: 301-738-7122
Donations address: AMURT, 2502 Lindley Ter, Rockville MD 20850
Website: AMURT.US

Baptist World Alliance/Baptist World Aid
Donations: 703-790-8980
Donations address: 405 N. Washington St, Falls Church VA 22046
Website: Bwanet.Org

Brother’s Brother Foundation
Donations: 412-321-3160
Donations address: 1200 Galveston Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15233
Website: BrothersBrother.Org

Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Donations: 1-888-989-8244
Donations address: Tzu Chi USA HQ, 1100 S Valley Center Ave, San Dimas CA 91773
Website: US.TzuChi.Org

Catholic Relief Services
Donations: 1-877-HELP-CRS
Donations address: PO Box 17090, Baltimore MD 21203-7090
Website: CRS.Org

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
Donations: 800-55-CRWRC
Donations address: CRWRC, 2850 Kalamazoo Ave SE, Grand Rapids MI 49560-0600
Website: CRWRC.Org

Church World Service
Donations: 1-800-297-1516
Donations address: PO Box 968, Elkhart IN 46515
Website: ChurchWorldService.Org

Direct Relief International
Donations: 805-964-4767
Donations address: 27 S. La Patera Ln, Santa Barbara CA 93117
Website: DirectRelief.Org

Giving Children Hope
Donations: 714-523-4454
Donations address: 8332 Commonwealth Ave, Buena Park CA 90621
Website: GCHope.Org

Habitat for Humanity International
Donations: 1-800-Habitat
Donations address: 270 Peachtree St NW Suite 1300, Atlanta GA 30303-1263
Website: Habitat.Org

International Medical Corps
Donations: 800-481-4462
Donations address: 1919 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 400, Santa Monica CA 90404
Website: InternationalMedicalCorps.Org

International Rescue Committee
Donations: 1-877-REFUGEE (733-8433)
Donations address: 122 E. 42nd St, New York NY 10168
Website: Rescue.Org

Mercy Corps
Donations: 800-852-2100
Donations address: Dept. NR, PO Box 2669, Portland OR 97208
Website: MercyCorps.Org

Operation Blessing
Donations: 800-730-2537
Donations address: 977 Centerville Tpke, Virginia Beach VA 23463
Website: OperationBlessing.Org

Relief International
Donations: 310-478-1200
Donations address: 5455 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1280, Los Angeles CA 90036
Website: RI.Org

Save the Children
Donations: 1-800-728-3843
Donations address: 54 Wilton Rd, Westport CT 06880
Website: SaveTheChildren.Org

World Vision, U.S.
Donations: 1-800-777-5777
Donations address: Federal Way, WA 98063
Website: WorldVision.Org

Please sign the petition to stop the delay on donations to Japan, and if you can spare a few extra dollars, by all means do so. These people need all the help they can get after this horrible disaster!

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