Earth Week 2010

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The worlds fate is in our hands, literally!

Earth Week 2010 kicks off today, as the 40th anniversary of Earth Day approaches on April 22nd, 2010. For more on Earth Day, visit Why Earth Day for more information and the history of Earth Day. This years theme is to focus on water, with water quality and water conservation as the main points.

There are celebrations and activities planned, some of which we will list. You can also plan your own activities to help us towards a sustainable lifestyle and planet. This years main celebration will be held at The National Mall in Washington, DC and includes the 40 Earth Day Anniversary Events on April 22, a Change the Climate Rally on April 25th, and a combination of exhibits and performances on the The National Mall from April 17-25, which are all part of the . If you would like for us to have your activities posted, please contact us Here and we will post that as soon as possible and get the word out to as many as we can. We have been rather busy with other projects, but next year look for a much more exciting Earth Week, as we plan on pulling out all the stops and coordinating events around the globe along with some of our friends.

For this year though, we are limited to this list we have compiled for you, and this may be updated regularly. One tip for this week: If you drop an ice cube on the floor, instead of placing it in the sink or tossing it in the trash, put it in a plant pot to help water the plant, or in the garden, which ever needs it the most! Here is our list for this year, which may be updated throughout the week so check back with us!

UC San Diego April 19-23, 2010

Truman State University

Earth Week at Shelby Farms Park Conservancy

11th Annual Bellevue College April 19-23

UW Oshkosh Sustainability

PSU Earth Week:
Sustainability in Action!

Bergen Goes Green

Bloomington, Indiana Commissions on Sustainability, historic Preservation and the Environment Earth Week 2010 Celebration

APRIL 18TH – 24TH Kiawah Island Golf Resort

SUNY Fredonia, NY Earth Week 2010: Be The Change

University of Northern Colorado April 15 – 22

Columbia University in City of New York Celebrates Earth Week 2010 Global Impact

Earth Day Network’s Campaign for Earth Day

Folsom Lake College Earth Week Festival April 19-23, 2010

UW Lacrosse, WI Green Lacrosse Earth Week April 19-23, 2010

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