Easy To Build Solar Panels For The Home

What exactly are Solar Panels? We’ve all seen them at one time or another in many different places. Solar Panels are basically solar cells that capture sunlight and actively turns it into electricity.

Solar Panels installed on your home usually produce about about 2 amps at 2 volts (in direct sunlight.) However, over time the solar cells of the solar panels start to wear down. The quality of the panels, and materials used to build them rely on how long they will last. So, when chosing solar panels, go for dollar/watt ratio rather than the size of the panel itself.

Living “off grid” is easy and exciting if done correctly! If you produce more power than you consumer you’ll literally have your electric meter spinning backwards, and instead of YOU paying the power bill, the electric company itself will pay you (buying back the unused power produced by the solar panels.

In order for all of this to happen, you’ll not only need the solar panels, but a Synchronous Solar Panel Inverter.  The Synchronous Solar Panel Inverter is used to produce a “dynamic” between the solar cells of the solar panels and the power grid. It also comes in handy in case your panels become damaged, or unusable, this way you can still use the citys power.

So, homemade solar panels are not only economicable, but they can be a fun weekend project with the right materials at your side!

Go green and save a ton of money… build solar panels … Its as easy as that!

Jon Whitehouse researches and reports on solar panels. For more information check out his site at http://www.SolarPanelBuilder.com

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