eBay Selling Puppies From Puppy Mills Tell eBay to Stop the Sale of Puppies And Live Animals That are Treated Cruelly

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eBay Selling Puppies From Puppy Mills Tell eBay to Stop the Sale of Puppies And Live Animals That are Treated Cruelly And Please Make Sure Your Next Pet Is From A Reputable Source!

Puppy Mills are primarily a large scale commercial operation where dozens of dogs are caged in small enclosures for their entire lives, and repeatedly forced to give birth to litter after litter until they’re no longer fertile, at which point they’re usually terminated. Puppy mills are unethical, inhumane, and unsafe and produce puppies with serious health problems by the thousands each and every year.

Now, these unethical mills have found a new niche and national vendor: eBay.

As we go back to several years ago, you may remember that eBay had plans to sell live animals via online auction. Any responsible breeder would never sell dogs or other animals through an online auction, so this would have obviously resulted in the site becoming a popular selling haven for these unethical animal mills, but now all that has changed.

Despite eBay’s overt claims that it “does not condone unethical treatment of animals,” eBay now allows a puppy mill to sell dogs in its classified section. This practice enables the flagrant cruelty to dogs and other animals, and it has to be put to a stop. Tell eBay to shut down its sales of cruelly treated puppies and all live animals by clicking the link below.

These dogs that are bred in a puppy mill spend their entire lives in small wire cages, without companionship, and often without vet care, exercise or shelter from the elements. As far as these breeding mill owners are concerned, the dogs have one purpose: to supply the pet trade and to make money. The USDA recently admitted that they’ve failed to effectively monitor commercial breeders and the typical puppy mill. When it comes to sites like eBay Classifieds, it’s even worse: Breeders who sell directly to customers online aren’t subject to any USDA regulations. The best chance we have to shut down these unscrupulous mills is to hold vendors accountable.

Click here to tell eBay to shut down all live animal sales immediately:
eBay Classifieds Stop Selling Live Animals from Puppy Mills and other unethical animal breeders.

Thanks for taking action, and we would like to thank the Change.Org Team for helping to make this and other similar social campaigns successful!

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