Electric Cars History Concept of Electric Cars is Great Idea

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Electric Cars History Concept of Electric Cars is Great Idea

Electric cars history concept of electric cars is great idea, and did you know that some of the very first automobiles were electric? The concept of the electric car is often considered to be the product of an oil-weary culture, but it is actually an original automobile concept. Basically an electric carriage without the horse, these first electric vehicles were developed in Europe and evolved into efficient, high-capacity, battery-operated autos by the early 1880s. These electric vehicles did not require gear-shifting, and were quieter and cleaner than the simultaneous gas-powered, internal combustion engine cars.

Who Killed The Electric Car?

For one thing, American roads got longer and people needed cars that could be driven for longer distances. Another factor was the decline in American oil prices, making gas-powered cars cheaper to run. And Henry Ford developed the assembly line for manufacturing his gas-powered autos, making the gasoline car even more affordable.

But the electric car was not forgotten. We are still discussing it over a hundred years later, primarily because it is a great invention. And it is making a comeback. Here are some advantages of the electric automobile.

Advantages of Electric Cars

* Better for the Environment – Electric autos do not emit exhaust, which makes for much cleaner air and fewer overall greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. There is the unpleasant business of battery disposal when it wears out, but exciting new technology is making the recycling of such batteries possible. And electric autos are not going to spring a leak and pollute the environment with oil.

Electric autos also use a surprisingly small amount of household electricity to charge their batteries, which may alleviate concerns about using large amounts of fossil fuel-generated electricity to charge them.

* Inexpensive – Electric autos are generally cheaper to purchase than conventional, gas-powered ones. And of course, they do not use gasoline. As the price of gasoline continues to be high and may get higher, this could result in significant savings.

* Reliable and Easy to Maintain – Electric autos do not need regular oil changes, and they have fewer moving parts in the engine. That means you won’t have to replace or repair belts, hoses, spark plugs, mufflers, and so forth. And these electric vehicles have a life expectancy that runs into millions of miles rather than hundreds of thousands. According to some sources, an electric car will last 90 years if you drive it 50 miles a day. At that rate, even driving 100 miles a day is a good deal!

* Safety – If you have an accident in an electric auto, there is no danger of leaking, flammable fuel igniting at the crash scene.

* Quieter – In conventional cars, road noise can make conversation between front and back seat passengers nearly impossible. And if you’ve ever stood near a highway, you know how polluting all that noise can be. Electric vehicles are much quieter, allowing a drive through the countryside, park, or neighborhood without causing great disturbance. And passengers can actually discuss the scenery!

We hope that Electric cars history concept of electric cars is great idea gives you a better understanding of electric vehicles and how to better use them!

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