Enjoy These Fun Green Family Activities in Spring

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Green fun eco friendly outdoor family activities

Enjoy these fun green family activities in spring this year. It is tempting to think that entertainment for children involves spending money or wasteful consumption, but there are wonderful things you can do as a family that are both green and fun. Spending time as a family and getting outdoors are both healthy activities, emotionally and physically. This spring, turn off the TV and computer, and head for the outdoors! Here are some ideas for how you can participate in green outings with your family.

Look to Your Community

Part of going green is using less fossil fuel, so choosing outings close to home is a good place to start. Take a look at your local newspaper, library, or online and find out what events are happening close to home. Perhaps there is an art and craft fair, street fair, or live music. Families can often find things to do together close by. Take a bus if you need to, or include other families and car pool.

Take a Nature Walk or Hike

The whole family can get in on this. Bring a field guide and identify plants, or choose plants or rocks ahead of time to give your family something specific to look for while you are on the hike. In the spring, new flowers and plants are just emerging, so it is a good time to look for flowers that will be covered up with overgrowth later in the summer.

Visit a Nature Preserve or National/State Forest

Preserved lands are an eco-friendly place to visit and play. Depending on where you live, this may be an outing close to home and reduce fossil fuel use.

Outdoor Adventures

Another green way to enjoy the outdoors is to participate in adventurous activities like white-water rafting or canoeing. Whole families can go rafting together, and canoeing is good for families with older children.


The old-fashioned picnic is still a fun way for families to spend time together. Pack your own food and bring drinks in reusable containers. Take a kite along if the spring wind is right, or bring a Frisbee or ball.

Be Prepared

Bringing your own food, drinks, sunscreen, etc. to a family outing increases the eco-friendly factor. Being prepared means you are less likely to stop at a drive-through to buy food with excessive packaging, or go to a drugstore for miscellaneous items you forgot.

Family activities do not have to be wasteful. Take some time to prepare and enjoy the spring weather as a family enjoy these these green fun family activities in spring.

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