Ethics of Solar Power and Global Warming

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Solar Tower in Mojave desert, now thats some energy!

Ethics of solar power and global warming so why wouldn’t anyone want to get a free lifetime supply electricity? Well, that can be achieved only if you decide to install a dependable and durable solar power system. Solar energy is of course always free, at least in daylight, and only after you install a solar energy system. Conventional electricity is created from the process of burning fossil fuels which in turn create co2 emissions among other toxic emissions and contribute to global warming. The effects of climate change due to rapid global warming are quite evident today. The ethics of solar power and global warming is fairly straightforward. Using solar energy is the ethical thing to do, in any amount. More and more people are getting on the bandwagon so to speak in regards to saving the environment and trying to prevent the devastating effects of pollution and greenhouse gases. One way to reduce pollution, greenhouse gases and environmental concerns is through the implementation of solar energy.

The Sun’s power can be utilized in many different ways, especially in your household. We use it for lighting, cooking, heating of the house, and many others options, and growing consistently. Utility bills are becoming very expensive and will continue to rise, so you can help reduce it by installing a solar power system. A typical system has of course the solar panels that collect sunlight and converts the sun’s energy into electricity. You can readily use this free source of electricity or it can be stored in batteries.

The sun’s raw energy, however convenient that would be, can’t be used to power our homes and we need to convert it through an inverter. If you currently have solar energy for your house, you can utilize this free, renewable, and clean electricity. Even if you can’t unplug your traditional electrical supply, you are able to reduce your consumption of fossil fueled electricity, thereby helping the environment. Electricity is primarily generated by the burning fossil fuels that are a major contributor to pollution and global warming. The finite supply of fossil fuels is also decreasing, and sooner or later the day will come when we have none. And if we don’t take action soon, the world might face electricity shortages soon if we don’t start conserving energy. And guess what? If, and more than likely when those electricity shortages occur, guess who will pay the price? You and I my friend, that is who. So it is in our best to start using solar energy now, not only for the planet, but ourselves and our fellow man and it is the ethical thing to do.

With the ongoing efforts of SEPA (Solar Electric Power Association), the public is taught and made aware of the many benefits of solar powered homes. Right now is the best time to make a concerted effort to save the environment and our dear home earth. The ethics of solar power and global warming speaks for itself here I believe, that it is as of right now our best option. Solar energy, at least with the current technology, can’t possibly replace conventional energy sources but that day is coming my friend, and the sooner the better. We are making breakthroughs in many different green areas technology wise and the push is on to develop cleaner, better, more efficient alternatives to fossil fueled energy. These technological advancements will help in the enhancement of current solar power systems, and perhaps in the not to distant future the whole world can go green 100%.

The pollution and greenhouse gases from fossil fuels is so widespread and vast today that it poses a great threat to the world. By reducing our reliance and consumption of traditional electricity, we can also reduce the pollution that goes with it. Solar provides clean, renewable, nearly infinite, and 100% free electricity, and it doesn’t create harmful emissions. We can all enjoy the benefits of free electricity as long as the system is functioning properly and as long as the sun still shines.

The solar power systems are coming down in price, and are not that expensive these days. In fact, you can already get a solar kit for as low as $200, but for a quality system we are talking a minimum of a grand at least, and the larger solar panels are more expensive. Most governments that I’m aware of at least offer incentives, loans, grants, rebates, and other financial options to entice and help homeowners in financing and installing a solar power system. You can take advantage of these financial options yourself so that you can start helping the environment, and ultimately yourself.

Current solar power systems have an average lifespan of around twenty years when properly maintained. It’s like the lifetime of your roof if you start now. If every home owner around the world implements solar, the effects of global warming can be minimized and Mother Nature can go about healing herself. Try and learn all you can about solar energy and if you are lucky enough to afford it, you can install a system at your home or in the office. Don’t hesitate, the clock is ticking, and you’ll be doing the world a favor, and as a bonus you also get all of the benefits, and the ethics of solar power and global warming is undeniable now.


  1. i think the discussion was so informing and it opend my eyes to see how solar energy is more environmentally friendly..and also can be affordable.i advocate for the use of solar rather than fossil fuel
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