Ethics of Wind Power and Solar Power

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Ethics of Wind Power and Solar Power, wind turbine farm out west.

Going back to the basics is the trend these days, confirming the ethics of wind power and solar power. A growing number of people are now fully aware of the many problems in the world that we created, and are now faced including pollution, depletion of our natural resources, ever increasing populations, and many others. With so many issues we need to deal with, people just don’t have any idea of where to start. In fact, this issue alone may be the reason for some to do nothing, or deny any of the current issues plaguing us today. You don’t have to be a hero and do it by yourself to help save the planet and address its many woes. Here is a thought, take it one day at a time, in baby steps and contribute what you can today, and as it becomes a habit and you are more comfortable with it, it will become a way of life. Change isn’t easy for some, but in time it becomes a way of life, just like learning to walk or ride a bike, it takes practice. We can start today in our own little way by learning about and eventually using both of these sustainable energy sources!

The Suns energy and the wind can be transformed into energy with wind and solar power. A solar power system collects sunlight which can be utilized to directly heat our homes or it can convert the suns energy into electricity and store the accumulated energy in batteries. Wind energy also creates free usable electricity to be stored in batteries or the mechanical energy from the wind turning the turbines can also be used directly in the household, or right into the grid for that matter.

There are distinct advantages of using our suns energy and wind power. After the initial start up expenses for the purchase and installation of the power systems, you can enjoy the many benefits of free energy for many years to come, which in most cases can amount to a considerable amount of cash. Most of the current power systems on the market have an average useful lifetime of roughly twenty years and they don’t require much maintenance. As long as your systems are cleaned occasionally, it will surely work smoothly and efficiently. Solar and wind power obviously are both pollution free, and utility free;), and do not emit greenhouse gases that contribute to the current global warming trend. Some people may be concerned about wasting land to install wind turbines but you can still use the land for planting crops and for grazing animals. It is by no means an obstacle as it may seem to be. If we don’t start using these free gifts to us, we may not be around much longer to worry about whether or not a wind turbine or solar panel will look nice or it will take up too much land. The ethics of solar and wind power here in undeniable, because it is the right thing, and for that matter, at this time the only thing we have to do, unless you wish to go Nuclear or continue to do business as usual. Peace my friends, and may the sun and wind bless your energy needs!

According to researchers, the efficiency of these systems relies on the environmental elements. Germany and Japan are leading the way to the improvement of solar energy despite the fact that these countries get very little sunshine in a year. On the other hand, wind turbines are too noisy and unsightly. Turbine blades cause the noise and the huge structure can ruin any landscape.

To produce significant energy, you will need a lot of solar panels or reflectors and turbines. Size is a vital consideration for producing the needed energy. Have you ever been into remote areas? You can use solar power and wind power to generate the needed electricity. During daytime, you can depend on solar power to provide your electric needs and at night, you can use the wind turbines.

Solar power systems and wind turbines are not very difficult to install. In fact, there are now DIY kits that can be readily purchased locally and in online stores. You will just follow the guided instructions and get the necessary materials. The systems can be installed over the weekend. For those who live in the city, you can take advantage of the tax incentives, financial options, rebates, loans, and grants offered by the government. That way, you can have the system installed at a very affordable cost. In the case of wind turbines, you will need a lot of space. There are now turbines that produce less or no noise at all which are excellent for homes with close neighbors.

The decision to use either of these is a matter of personal choice that is usually affected by certain factors like money (investment), space, and energy requirements. Just imagine making a one-time investment and after that you can already enjoy unlimited and free supply of electricity. Regular inspection can ensure that the systems are working efficiently. If the ethics of wind power and solar power isn’t clear to most, it should be by now.

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