Girl Scout Cookies Newest Addition Savannah Smiles Makes us Smile ;)

Savannah Smiles

Savannah Smiles

Girl Scout Cookies season begins with a bang as they introduce the newest member of the collection, Savannah Smiles, which sounds like a real taste bud pleaser. The tasters int he testing all concur that these nibbles are just fine, but they are no Samoas, Tagalongs or my all time favorite and probably yours, Thin Mints.

Girl Scout Cookies will be delivered beginning the week of Jan. 30 in 2012 and will be sold at booths at local retailers and financial institutions through mid-March.

These new cookies seemingly attempt a “smile” shape, but in reality they look like half-moons. They just don’t look all that good on a plate, however if you are creative and add a few artsy additions like some colors and variety they will look perfect. The point is here, it is food, and however attractive it is or not, it is the taste that counts, right?

This is a relatively hard cookie, one that could go well with milk or tea, one taster observed. There is also a good amount of powdered sugar on the cookie, which gets all over the place once you take a bite, so don’t wear black while eating this cookie, or wear a napkin or bib!

This cookie is perfectly fine, but not a life altering heavenly experience. The lemon is immediately evident and tastes a little fake. What this cookie suffers from is its lack of uniqueness. Many of the cookies have been copied by other companies, but the Girl Scouts version always edges out the competition. With Savannah Smiles, there are many more lemon cookie alternatives, and this one doesn’t really bring anything new to the table.

Although this cookie is technically new, it tastes suspiciously similar to the old favorite Lemon Coolers, which was another powdered sugar-lemon cookie that the Girl Scouts sold a few years ago. Lemon Coolers have been strongly missed by some in the cookie world, however Girls Scouts HQ issued the following statement regarding the newest cookie:

“Our bakers update the ingredients to all of their varieties frequently, so the Lemon Cooler and Savannah Smile are based on the same concept cookie and essentially taste the same, but one will have slightly different ingredients from the other, with the Savannah Smile being more in line with the modern ingredients used.”

We’re not quite sure what these modern ingredients are, but we did notice the inclusion of palm oil, an ingredient the Girl Scouts have received serious flack about. On September 28, 2011 they issued a press release, The Girl Scouts pledge to use the GreenPalm logo, with money going toward sustainable palm oil producers, starting in 2012. According to the web site, “Beginning with the 2012-13 cookie season, each cookie box will include a GreenPalm logo as a symbol of Girl Scouts’ commitment to address concerns about the deforestation of sensitive lands currently caused by the production of palm oil. This is just one of several steps Girl Scouts is taking to address this issue.”

They described the newest cookie as “a cool and crisp lemon wedge cookie, with just the right number of lemon chips to deliver tiny bursts of flavor.” The Savannah Smiles are a tribute to the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting, which was founded by Juliette Gordon Low who organized the first ever Girl Scout troop on March 12, 1912 in Savannah, GA.

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We hope that you will enjoy the latest addition to the Girl Scout Cookies, Savannah Smiles and participate to help celebrate 100 years of Girl Scouting around the world.

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