Green Planet Ethics Climate Change Global Warming, and other thoughts

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Home sweet home, dont screw it up any worse!

Green Planet Ethics Climate Change Global Warming, and other thoughts boils down either for real, or a conspiracy theory, however you choose to address it, it is everyone’s problem who lives on Earth. Green energy is the future for Earth, not oil, which is finite and toxic at most levels. Earth cannot sustain our dependence on oil, and like any addiction, we need to take action. Finally admitting we have a problem is a good step, but is far from a solution on climate change. The clock is ticking on Planet Earth, and if this green energy can save us, or help us then we need to do it and do it now!

Unfortunately, most of planet Earth seems to be kicking and screaming all the way to the green energy idea. The whole auto industry is one big toxic waste dump, from the oil, to the anti-freeze, to the gas, even to a good portion of the parts that make up our automobiles. Good riddance, let us move forward once and for all with better, cleaner, safer, more efficient technologies and not look back. Other climate change issues and challenges also loom over us, such as methane from cattle, which produce more greenhouse gases than autos apparently. Methane released from the permafrost which is directly linked to global warming. Global warming is also directly responsible for glacier melt, which may lead us down the path to another ice age. How much will that cost us here on the Planet Earth I wonder? Think of your
heating costs then! We have most of the solutions at hand, but we do not have the desire, nor the will to go to the next level in Earth evolution. Much of that again I imagine can be attributed to ethics, or lack thereof and more importance placed on money, over our survival as a species.

As it turns out, much of the shift towards green energy is financially motivated. People need to be paid to shift towards green energy with cash incentives, rather
than ethics, or because it is the right thing to do. Green energy should be a hands down choice for any and all new developments, and other options should not even be considered at this point. Emissions reduction is the tip of the ice berg, no pun intended. I recall Detroit’s big objections about increased gas mileage before they went bust. Now after all the bailouts and hardships, what do they do? Increase gas mileage and make it their top priority apparently. We are a world dependent on oil and we need our fix! Ask any addict and they will tell you it is not easy to kick the habit. This is what we need to do collectively, and together is to kick the habits of our oil based society. It is not as easy as it seems, and change doesn’t always come easily. This is the problem we face together as a global society, how to transform our current energy consumption and turn it into a green power based society.

Will green power satisfy our need for more power? Green energy can and will help us down the road to a more productive, cleaner, healthier society. It should not be a choice anymore, it should be the only option. When addicts finally admit they have a problem, they take time and find a cure so to speak to kick the habit. Our cure as a whole is green power or energy, and toxic emission reduction will be one of the byproducts of that shift in paradigms. Can we overcome our addiction to oil remains to be seen, and it may take a long time to do so. Many addicts unfortunately die still using their addiction, not clean and sober. Change doesn’t come easy, and to expect 6 billion people to make that change together may be a greater task than what we may be able to achieve. Fear of change or something different is also an adversary we must overcome. So change should become a priority, and we need to start that process now. It would help if the powers that be were to start that process and mandate it, but will they be able to overcome their underlying motivations for the greater good of Earth and all its residents? Green energy should be something we can all get excited about, and leap forward towards a new beginning, and a new future. We stand at a crossroads and the battle of good versus evil looms it ugly head.

Green energy versus oil, and all its wonders with the future of Earth in the balance, green energy should prevail, and our power demands should be directed towards alternative, clean green technologies. With global warming, or climate change if you will, it is the only option. We can overcome this problem and rise to new and greater
achievements as a species and enhance our way of life, not destroy it. Oil does have some good qualities though, and many of its byproducts can attest to that, some of which are vital to our health and well being. We should eliminate the need for oil for autos, heating, and other harmful, unhealthy uses of the product, and save what we do have left for the important things it is used for, like medicines and other good byproducts. We should not wait till we pump the last drop out of an oil well before we decide to stop using it as it seems we are doing now. There are many things we can do to curb our appetite for oil, but in the USA we have more underlying issues with it. Our independence, lack of willingness to do something different, or whatever the case may be, may have the biggest challenge ahead in transforming our society from oil to green power. Our vast expanses, lack of adequate public transportation, crumbling infrastructure, and many other issues face us.

Now can be a great time to implement some green technologies, improve mass transportation, and make it a more feasible option for some reluctant city dwellers.
President Obama made a statement something like “Change We Can Believe In”, this is what we need to relay to everyone about the changes that need to be made to our everyday way of life. Change we can all believe in, be proud of and be sure of may be a little more appropriate, but it is what we need to do, and do it now. Ethics must play a role in how the new Earth is shaped and green energy implemented , as it stands to be the most important evolution in the history of mankind. Green energy is change we should believe in, as is reduced emissions, reduced power consumption (energy efficiency) , increased research and development, and the green planet ethics on Earth.

We hope Green Planet Ethics Climate Change Global Warming, and other thoughts has made you think a little harder and give a little more effort into going green! Peace

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