Green Planet Ethics Green Energy Global Warming and Climate Change

Green Planet Ethics Green Energy Global Warming and Climate Change

Earth rising on the horizon..

Global warming and climate change have been in the news more lately with all the recent extreme weather events. The image to the left is just a glimpse of earth from orbit during a solar eclipse, and just goes to show how much of an impact that the sun has on our planet. The potential for disaster on our fragile planet is high, even before we existed, let alone some of the things we have done. The possibilities are nearly endless, and maybe the sun gets hotter, or the Earth’s rotation changes speed, or our axis shifts by a tenth of a degree. These could all create major problems which could very likely threaten life on this planet as we know it. Another concern, which is at the forefront of most everyone’s agenda lately, or which should be is what impact, or byproducts of our living on this planet has caused.

While we continue down the path of reckless abandon when it comes in regards to the environment and global warming, what do we need to do to salvage what we can of this great place we call home, or more likely, can we salvage it? This is one of the many questions that arise out of the conflict of interests when it comes to climate change, or global warming if you desire. While our planet is at risk, we bitterly argue over childish issues like children do at a school yard when they all want to play with the same toy. I truly doubt that our politicians has any of ours, or the planets best interests in mind when they debate global climate change issues, especially our great leaders here in the USA, particularly Republicans. We are making strides, but not enough and not fast enough. As some of us are going green, it does help, but we need big polluters to go green, like power plants for us to really make any gains in our attempts to reduce CO2 emissions, however most energy companies like their current profit margins and don’t want to make any changes to their current business model. But that business as usual philosophy could spell major disaster for the rest of us.

The economy is down, and people want to work, and this is an easy time to ignore the environment, especially for politicians. The planet has taken a back seat to economic woes, and global warming and climate change are becoming low on the priorities list right now. If we would shift our subsidies for fossil fuels, which are roughly 10 to 12 times greater than what we give to clean energy, we could overcome some of the larger obstacles currently in our path to making a wholesale shift towards green energy, but until those changes are made, I don’t see any major global shifts in clean energy production or CO2 emissions unfortunately.

Our goal here for this site is to bring people together of all walks of life, and all corners of the planet to reasonably come up with some sound, ethical solutions together that we, as citizens of this great planet may implement on a global scale, regardless of what our fearless leaders do or say. Most of them unfortunately seem to be in someone’s pocket so to speak, so their objectivity is compromised, and so are their decisions unfortunately.

Hopefully, we can present and discuss some reasonable solutions that will benefit all of us, not just a few with a lot of money. I ask you to join the fight to save our planet, and become a leader in the transformation to a new global community, in which we can all benefit and enjoy our planet once again and all it has to offer, living in harmony once again with nature. Lets hope that we can overcome Global Warming and Climate Change and the worst case estimates and we will overcome! Peace my friends!

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