Healing Foods: Guava

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Healing Foods: Guava

Healing foods like Guava are hard to find in many regions, and are either round, oval or pear-shaped. If you can find some, they are well worth the hunt to find them though. Guavas are an excellent source of lycopene which is a cancer fighting antioxidant. They are the highest natural source of lycopene, containing more than any other fruit or vegetable and even 20% more than tomatoes. The lycopene in tomatoes is hard for our bodies to process until they are cooked, and the processing helps to break douwn the hard cell walls. The cell structure for Guavas however allows for the lycopene to be absorbed by our bodies when eaten raw or cooked, and can offer the nutrition without the additional sodium of processed tomato products.

Healing Foods: Guava

*_As an antioxidant, lycopene helps to protect our healthy cells from free radicals that can create havoc in our bodies, including cancer, blocked arteries, joint degeneration, and nervous system problems. Consumption of this antioxidant is linked to lower rates of prostate cancer, and has been found to play a role in inhibiting the growth of breast cancer cells. Research has also shown that it can help to protect us against coronary heart disease as well. The pulp and the peel of the guava are a remarkable source of natural antioxidants and AODF (antioxidant dietary fiber), a combination of the properties of antioxidants and dietary fiber from a single source. The antioxidant properties of the skin are ten times higher than that of the pulp.

*_Common Healing Foods Uses: The odd-shaped fruit is full of other nutrients and antioxidants as well. Is is loaded with vitamin C, and contains more than 60% potassium than bananas, which can also protect against heart disease and stroke. Research shows us that the nutrients that are found in Guavas lower LDL cholesterol while boosting HDL cholesterol while reducing triglycerides and lowering blood pressure. A study by the Heart Research Laboratory in India has shown that people who at 5 to 9 Guavas a day for three months reduced their cholesterol levels by 10% and triglyceride levels 8%, and lowered their blood pressure by 9.0/8.0 mm Hg, and boosted the good HDL cholesterol by 8%.

Guava leaf oil has an anti-proliferative activity that when used on mouth cancer is over 4 times more potent that Vincristine, which is a cancer drug.

Preliminary studies on the anti inflammatory properties of guava leaf extract have indicated that it is involved with the inhibition of iNOS and COX-2 (inflammatory agents) and speculated that the numerous chemical compounds present in the plant are responsible for the positive anti inflammatory effects of the leaf extract. Guava leaf extract is also recommended as a cough remedy, a Streptococcus mutans inhabitant (pathogen for tooth decay), anti-diabetic activities for type 2 diabetes such as significant blood glucose lowering effects. Guava leaf extract is also known for its benefits in treating acne.

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*_Recommended Dosage and Suggestions: Eat as often as possible when available in the market, one or two a day is good. Guava juices are processed and sweetened so they lose the nutrition that the whole fresh fruit contains. They are not common in the freezer section either. The red-fleshed variety is best if you can find it as it has more antioxidants, but the white-fleshed variety of the healing foods Guava is also good.

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