Home Made Cleaners How to Make Lavender Antibacterial Spray

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You Can Keep Your Home Clean And Fresh Smelling And Disinfected While Keeping Chemical Free With These Home Made Cleaners How to Make Lavender Antibacterial Spray

You can make home made cleaners like lavender antibacterial spray without having to invest in a lot of chemical-based cleaners to kill germs. You can easily make your own disinfectant spray at home to help keep your household free of potentially harmful chemicals. Lavender also has antiseptic properties, and it smells fresh and clean. Here are two simple to make recipes for lavender spray which can be made quickly and safely in the comfort of your own house, and with inexpensive, easily obtainable ingredients.

Ingredients for Lavender Antiseptic Spray:
-3 cups water
-1/4 cup white vinegar
-2 teaspoons vegetable-based liquid soap (or biodegradable dish soap)
-10 to 20 drops lavender essential oil
-10 drops grapefruit seed extract or tea tree oil

Put all of the ingredients into a 1-quart spray bottle of your choice, shake well and you are ready to go. You will probably want to use a new spray bottle, or one that has only been used with non toxic ingredients. If you recycle an old spray bottle which contained toxic chemicals, those may still linger inside the bottle and transfer into your new mixture, so it is better to be safe than sorry! You can use this handy, fresh smelling chemical free spray on countertops, tables, and even glass without worrying about toxic chemicals infiltrating your precious home.

Here is another simple and easy to make recipe for this fresh smelling, popular, multipurpose cleaner that does not contain any vinegar for those of you whom may not be a big fan of vinegar.

-1 cup water
-1/2 cup rubbing alcohol
-15-20 drops of lavender essential oil

Put all of these simple ingredients into a spray bottle of your choice, shake well, and then proceed to spray on any hard surface in your home that needs cleaning and, or disinfecting.

We hope that these home made cleaners and antibacterial spray recipes and instructions helps you get rid of that nasty bacteria and keep your home chemical free and fresh smelling!

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