How is Solar Energy Produced?

In this day and age of growing technology, scientists are working diligently to find ways to harness solar energy in order to power the Earth. Producing cars and products powered by solar energy will reduce the emission of harmful gasses and chemicals into the atmosphere. Our Earth is a precious commodity and we need to take care to protect it.

What is solar energy? Solar energy is radiant heat and light that is emanated from the Sun. This light helps to influence the climate on Earth and allows not only humans and animals – but also fish to live. Solar energy has been harnessed for power since the ancient times by humans through the use of different technologies.

The Earth can receive 174 petawatts of solar radiation or insolation in its upper atmosphere. Close to 30% of that is reflected back into space and the rest is absorbed by the clouds, land masses, and the oceans. The spectrum of solar light on the surface of the Earth is predominantly spread across near infrared and visible ranges and a small part in the near ultraviolet. The solar light that is absorbed is able to heat the land surface, atmosphere, and oceans.

Solar energy as well as hydroelectricity, wind, and wave power make up 99.97% of the renewable energy that is available on the Earth. The total amount of solar energy that the Earth’s atmosphere, land masses, and oceans absorbs is close to 3,850 zettajoules a year. Studies show that in 2002 this was more energy in one single hour then what the world would use in a total year.

The amount of solar energy that the Earth’s surface can capture is so large that in a single year it will be twice the amount that we can obtain from non-renewable resources of oil, coal, and natural gas. Because of this consumers themselves are seeking to purchase their own solar energy systems to help save them money and to keep the Earth safe.

Understanding what Solar Energy Is and why most people find it important will give us an insight on way that we can Harness It.

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