How to Clean A Dishwasher With Vinegar

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Help to keep your dishes cleaner with these how to clean a dishwasher with vinegar tips. Don't let your dishes become dirtier coming out than going in!

We show you how to clean a dishwasher with vinegar, as it seems there is no cleaning job that this multi use liquid can’t perform. Since your dishwasher is effectively doing all your dirty work, as in cleaning your dirty dishes, it also needs to be cleaned occasionally. Soap buildup in your appliance can lead to leaving streaks on your glassware and old dried food particles will stick to the inner workings of your dishwasher and potentially harm it over time. It’s always a good idea and proper maintenance to cleanse your dishwasher at least once every month. Follow these easy steps to find out how to sanitize your dishwasher with vinegar, which is nature’s own biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning agent. So if your dishwasher needs cleaning up, or it has been a month or so since the last cleaning, vinegar is once again the cleaner of choice by environmentally conscious homemakers. Here are two simple ways that you can use to clean it up inexpensively and effectively along with being eco-friendly.

1. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar into the bottom of your empty dishwasher. Don’t put it in the soap dispenser. Pour it directly into the bottom of the dishwasher itself.

2. Run the dishwasher on its hottest setting for a full cycle. Don’t choose the rinse only cycle, you want the full cycle for this task. Any temperature above 140 degrees and above will disinfect everything and leave your dishwasher sparkling clean.

3. After the dishwasher is finished, you can fill it and run it as usual.

Some sources suggest waiting until the bottom of the dishwasher has filled with hot water before opening the dishwasher door and pouring in the cup of vinegar.

Another method for cleansing your dishwasher with this useful all in one cleaning agent is to put a bowl in the bottom rack. Here’s what you do:

1. Pour 3 cups of white vinegar into a bowl or other container.

2. Place the bowl on the bottom rack of your empty dishwasher.

3. Run the dishwasher on its hottest cycle and let it complete the entire cycle.

4. Remove the bowl and fill and use your dishwasher as usual.

Due to its acidic nature, vinegar helps remove soap buildup in your dishwasher. It also removes hard water stains and kills germs. And it’s very inexpensive.

There is one more alternative to do this if you don’t have any vinegar, and that is baking soda. Baking soda is also effective at freshening and brightening your dishwasher. Just sprinkle a cupful around the bottom of the tub and run it through a short but complete cycle using the hottest water. Baking soda is also helpful in removing stains.

We hope that this helps you and taught you how to clean a dishwasher with vinegar!

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