How to Home Jewelry Cleaning the Green Way

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A treasure chest full of clean jewelry

How to home jewelry cleaning the green way, because all jewelry becomes tarnished, discolored and dirty over time. Some of the conventional cleaning options may involve chemicals that are not people or eco-friendly. To clean jewelry the green way, here are some tips.

1. Use any of various commercial jewelry cleaning products that are plant-based and non-toxic.

2. In a rubber dish pan or other container (you don’t want your jewelry to slip down the drain), soak gold jewelry in warm, soapy water for about 5 minutes. Use biodegradable liquid dish soap and filtered water, as chlorine can discolor some gold jewelry. Using a soft brush – an old toothbrush is ideal – gently scrub each piece of jewelry, rinse, and lay on a soft towel. Then gently rub them dry with a soft cloth.

3. Silver jewelry (without gemstones) can be cleaned by a non-toxic chemical method at home that does not involve a lot of scrubbing and rubbing. This is especially good for fine chains. Lay a piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of a pan. Lay your jewelry on the foil; sprinkle with baking soda. Pour boiling water over the jewelry until it is covered. Let the jewelry sit for about 5 minutes or longer. Then remove the jewelry, rinse, and rub dry with a soft cloth. Repeat if necessary.

4. And alternative to the above method is to use salt instead of baking soda. You can add a bit of biodegradable, liquid dish soap to the salt-and-water solution.

5. Cut a wedge of lemon and rub directly on tarnished silver jewelry. Rub with a soft cloth, then rinse and rub dry. You can also soak silver jewelry in a lemon juice and water solution and rub dry.

6. Diamonds can be cleaned as described in number 1 above. Toothpaste, gently scrubbed on using a soft toothbrush and rinsed in warm water, also brightens diamonds.

7. Gemstones that are softer than diamonds (such as garnet and emerald) should only be cleaned using soft cloths and gentle, biodegradable soap.

8. Pearls and opals are very soft, and should be cleaned like softer gemstones as noted in step 7 above.

We hope that the How to home jewelry cleaning the green way helps you with home jewelry cleaning in a green way which is better for both you and the environment!

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