How to Make Your Own Hot Water Bottle Cover Pattern

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These come in handy and are great gifts too!

How to make your own hot water bottle cover pattern is important, as they are safer and more comfortable when there is a cloth barrier between the hwb and a person’s skin. Having covers for a water bottle is convenient, and you can even easily make some eco-friendly covers yourself. Making your own bottle cover is a practical way to use extra or used fabric. It’s also a great idea for a Christmas gift. Here are some suggestions for creating your own cover pattern.

1. Crochet

You can use scrap yarn to crochet and create your own covering. Of course, you can also purchase yarn especially for the purpose, or use surplus yarn you have. You can crochet decorative rosettes or other decorations on these as well. You can get as creative as you like with the pattern – just be sure that if the covering is intended for young children or babies that it does not have any detachable decorations or any other items which may find their way into the babies mouths!

2. Synthetic fleece

Fabric fleece is soft, thick, and lightweight. Making a cover for a hwb is quite easy – all you need to do is trace the shape of the flat bottle onto the fleece, then cut. Sew along the edges, leaving an opening. You can add a decorative stitch to set off the opening if you like. Then flip it inside out. Buttons, beads, and other decorations can be stitched onto the front.

3. Felt

Like fleece, felt is soft and lightweight. It is also rather inexpensive. Trace an outline of the bottle as described for in idea number 2, synthetic fleece. You can make an elastic opening if you like, making your cover something like a draw-string bag, or just sew a drawstring into it yourself at the top of the bag.

4. Old clothing

Old sweaters make thick, highly effective hwb covers. Wool sweaters have the added bonus of being hot water-resistant and naturally insulating. You can sew colors together in stripes, or just use whatever the color or pattern of the sweater is. Some people have made useful covers from old jumpers. Felted fabric works well, and if there is any elastic present it can be used to make the opening of the covers.

Making your own hot water bottle cover pattern allows you to customize this practical item. Try giving a few away as Christmas gifts along with a hwb. The energy-efficient form of heat generated by a hwb, and the re-use of material to make the covers, make this an especially great gift idea for the eco-conscious people on your gift list.

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