How To Optimize Your Garden for Drought or Water Conservation

Being a gardener and based in Colorado, it has been stressful for me because this state has been experiencing a severe drought for years. Because of water scarce, the local government imposed prohibition to limit water consumption for plants and lawn. However, because I am implementing some effective strategies, My house is the only one that is in green in our neighborhood. So, for those who have lived in areas similar to us, do not be worry because it is just a matter of finding effective strategy to grow plants having poor water supply as its constraint.

Below are some techniques that I have implemented with my garden. You can apply these, too.

First, if the soil you have does not retain water very well, you can make a water conservation by adding with lots of compost. That process does not only prevent water from escaping but can make your plants to grow healthy and to survive.

Not all plants really require that much of water so one best effective way to save water is to segregate them according to their water needs. So place in one area the ones that do not need much water and in the other area, those that need more water. By segregating them, you can focus watering to plants that need it.

Drip irrigation system installation is also important to put in your garden because this allows every single drop to be absorbed by plans, no single drop is wasted. More often,roots are overwhelmed with the mere amount of water in the soil and drip irrigation system manages that.

And if you still need to have more water for your garden and you do not have enough, you may consider of replacing some plants with the ones that need less water. If you need shrub that need less water, you may plant heavenly bamboo. It’s not only tolerant in drought but also, a offer unique decorative design for your garden. For herbs, you may use rosemary, this is rarely thirsty.

For flowering plants that do not require that much of water, find for varieties for penstemon like Apple Blossom, Midnight, Garnet, and Moon bean. You can, in fact, attract hummingbirds and butterflies. And the best feature about this plant is that they do not look rugged.

Lavender is also one of the best drought resistant plant and the group of these really make your garden standout of others. Another is the use of pineapple sage and it is a major attractor for humming birds.

So, if you are dealing with garden positioned in dry area, you can still make it productive, bloom, if only you implement effective strategy on how to do it.

Bercle George is an expert gardener and has published an excellent greenhouse gardening resource at

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