How Wind Turbines Work…green Power For Your Home

The first usage of wind power dates back more than three thousand years. Windmills, which we all know from literature, were used primarily in the west between 1300 and the late 1800’s. None of this means anything to the modern homeowner, considering a wind turbine as a possible alternative energy source, however. What you do need to know is that wind power is not as expensive to impalement as you might think. This may sound funny, but you must determine first, if it is windy enough where you live, to justify a wind turbine. Many use wind power as a back up to solar, while still others use them both in conjunction, as an alternative energy package.

Just how much energy can a wind turbine produce, and will it really make a dent in your electric bill? First you must determine how windy it is where you are planning to install it. This is not a question about whether it is ever windy where you live, it is probably windy during storms, but that is merely an observation about the weather. What you want to know about is the long-term average wind speed for your area, or historic climate data, not day-to-day weather. Obviously it will produce a greater amount of energy the more the small turbine spins. They are defined as having rated capacities of up to 100 kilowatts. So if you were thinking that one wind generator will power your house, I’m  sorry but it won’t.

Keep in mind that the wind turbine is simply a collector just like a solar panel is. In this case the collector is the spinning rotor, made up of a number of blades that rotate to turn the electrical generator. Small blades result in a small rotor diameter, which translates into a small collector area, which further translates into small amounts of generated electricity. To properly access the wind flow and generate enough electricity, wind turbines are installed on high towers that rise above any trees or surrounding buildings. Your roof top might not be the right place unless a tower is utilized. It is advisable to get your neighbors permission before installing such a structure. For whatever reason you chose not to have a high enough tower, it won’t matter when it comes to generating adequate energy. It is better not to install a wind turbine in the first place, rather than to not have it high enough. There is simply little energy in low winds that you can convert into usable electricity. Considering that most homes do have more than one energy source, the average household consumes about  1,000 kWh of electricity per month, or about 12,000 kWh per year. Depending on your wind resource and the tower height required to get the wind turbine above the trees, a wind system designed to generate that kind of electric capacity would have to have a very large rotor. Even if you decided to go with several smaller wind turbines, the cost can be in the thousands.

There is of course another option that, depending on your situation, can save you thousands of dollars. I am referring to making this a do-it-yourself project. There are kits available that will cut your cost in half. Even better than that there are online instructional guides that will walk you through the entire process step by step. Small wind turbine system can be constructed for literally pennies on the dollar in this manner. For those of you who don’t have either the time or the inclination to do it all yourself, I might suggest that you take advantage of the current work shortage by hiring a couple of competent handymen to construct the entire project. I bet with the right instructions, you could bring it in for a tenth of the original estimate.

My own extensive research has helped me narrow down the best of the best instructional guides, complete with blueprints, photos, for that do-it-yourself wind and/or solar power project you might be considering. Obviously, I can’t go into great detail in this article, but if I have piqued your interest, you can get all the facts of this or many other ideas on how to go green at my site Possibly GREEN.

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Now in my late 50’s, I consider myself to be a Jack Of All Trades And Master Of a few things. I was a struggling actor for 25 years. During that time I learned a little about a lot of things, and would like to pass along some of that knowledge. As a person that deeply cares about the environment, I feel that we should do all we can to pitch in to save our beautiful planet with How Wind Turbines Work…Green Power for Your Home.

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