John Lennons Birthday is Tomorrow Saturday October 9th

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Imagine - and the world will live as one...

Tomorrow marks John Lennons birthday, the famed former Beatles and pop star, whom would have been 70 had it not been for the fatal shots fired by Mark David Chapman in New York in 1980, and marks the 30 year anniversary of his shooting.

There is still a drawing for his life and work as he continues to get new interest and new fans. Today, the different Google doodle that you may have noticed on their home page was in honor of him and started his solo hit “Imagine”. His all time solo albums are to be reissued together in a set “John Lennon signature box”, which includes some of his own personal tapes, notes and sketches.

There’s a new movie due to come out called “Nowhere Boy,” which is about Lennon in his teenage years living in Liverpool, England, prior to his joining the Beatles, and on Nov. 22, PBS “American Masters” series is airing a documentary entitled “LennonNYC,” which takes a look at the last decade of his life living in New York with Yoko Ono. The documentary includes rare home movies of some of those last five years, in which Lennon withdrew from music to raise his son Sean and it was an act that was regarded as radical at the time.

Tomorrow morning on Weekend Edition Saturday, reporter Scott Simon speaks with journalist David Sheff, who spent approximately three weeks in fall 1980 interviewing Lennon for the Playboy Magazine as he and Yoko Ono recorded Double Fantasy, just a few months before Lennon was shot.

Of course there is much more for John Lennons Birthday planned for the star who died before his time, and you may be wondering what we are doing posting this, but I thought it would be appropriate to pay him a tribute, because he was a special kind of man. Rest in peace our friend forever, John Lennon!

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