Join The Worlds Biggest Party The Global Work Party on 10/10/10 Getting To Work In Your Community

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Join The Worlds Biggest Party The Global Work Party on 10/10/10 Getting To Work In Your Community

The world is throwing the biggest party this Sunday, October 10, 2010 and we wanted to make sure you get the message and invitation. News headlines from this past summer were flooded with a series of unprecedented natural disasters, from landslides and droughts, to record heat, fires, and floods demonstrated the fact that global warming is not about the future anymore, that the reality is already here. On Sunday, 10/10/2010, an event of unprecedented magnitude is taking place. Although it may not be as big as Earth Day at this point, it involves hundreds of thousands of participants from 176 countries whom will all participate in the planned event to demonstrate an alternative path to their politicians and leaders. Most of the participants in the “Getting to Work” party are sick of witnessing countless catastrophes occur while their fearless leaders and politicians fail to act on anything regarding climate change and curbing the rising carbon emissions, amongst other things they willfully neglect to act on. These participants also want to gather with their friends in their communities and have some fun while joining others to work on creative solutions to the problem in their own communities, instead of sitting and waiting on the sidelines while our politicians prove that they are useless and only in it for the money and their own agendas and do nothing whatsoever for the cause.

In the U.S., some workers from New Mexico plan to install a solar panel at a local homeless shelter, while in Atlanta, some of the workers will respond by weatherizing their church. In California, some workers will hold bicycle repair shops. Others are holding Eat Here, Buy Here themes, designed to get people to purchase and eat local foods, eliminating food miles. Across the globe, people are also taking actions, such as in Pakistan where they are rallying together in Booni, a flood ravaged village, and youth in Kabul will begin to replant their deforested nation one tree at a time, and in Maldives, the President himself will install solar panels on his official residence.

All in all, more than 5900 events are planned and still growing, you can find an event near you with the map here, or you can start and register your own event here. The organizers for the event, led by aren’t thinking that they will save the planet in a day, they do, however, believe that they will send a powerful message that the world is ready to combat climate change, and that the politicians need to get working themselves to combat this worldwide problem. It is not too late to sign up for an event here or register your own event here or sign the petition to Pledge To Make 10/10/10 The Biggest Day of Climate Action Ever here. We hope you join the worlds biggest party The Global Work Party on October 10, 2010 and start Getting To Work in your community and helping persuade our politicians once and for all that we are real, we are here and we are the solution, not the problem! If you find you can’t make an event or can’t create an event, you can join ours here or here because our action can be done at home by anyone! Peace my friends, and godspeed.

Here is the map to all the events worldwide:

View Actions at

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