Leaf Collection Leaf Removal Sites and Dates

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Dispose of these leaves by composting them or using your local service listed here.

Leaf collection and leaf removal sites and dates is a list of the most popular sites we have made after our success with the trash pickup list for those of you whom can’t or won’t be doing your own composting this year. When the list is too long and is difficult sorting out who’s who and what’s what, we end up spending more time finding the collection dates or sites than collecting the leaves themselves. That is highly unproductive, so to help you in the process of streamlining your search for sites and/or dates we have made this list available to you as a public service. We don’t have the resources to gather a list of every community in the world, but if your location isn’t here and would like to see it on this list of sites and dates then you can Contact Us Here and give us the location of the community and we will promptly address your requests.

Albany, Oregon Services Fall Leaf Pickup. No specific dates are available at the time of this posting, go to their site for future instructions, developments and news.

Albany, New York Departments General Services Trash & Recycling Collection of Yard Waste. No specific dates are listed as of this posting as it seems they pickup curbside, so visit their site for instructions and more details.

Ann Arbor, Michigan Public Services Fall Leaf Collection. Fall Leaf Management changes 2010, The City of Ann Arbor no longer collects bulk leaves from the streets. Please handle your leaves using the weekly compost (bag or cart) pickups, mulch the leaves directly into the turf, or compost at home. New Leaf Management Options – Property owners may put leaves into paper bags or compost carts for weekly pickups. In addition, the city will be accepting unlimited, free leaf drop off at the compost center.

Arlington, Virginia Environmental Services 2010 Leaf Collection Program. Provides a good set of details and instructions for various leaf collection schedules and types.

Baltimore, Maryland Department of Public Works Yard Materials Collection Policy: Grass, Leaves, and Small Brush. Detailed instructions for collections including what, where and when.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Department of Public Works Leaf Collection Schedule 2010. Various dates and locations starting November 15th, 2010. Go to site for further details and instructions please.

Birmingham, Michigan Waste Management Waste Collection. Begins October 4th, 2010 and for more details, maps and schedules click the Leaf Collection link.

Boston, Massachusetts Waste Reduction < a href="http://www.cityofboston.gov/publicworks/RecyclingandSanitation/yardwaste.asp" target="_new">Leaf and Yard Waste Collection. Begins October 18th, 2010 and continues until November 27th, 2010. For further details and instructions go to their site.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina Public Works Leaf Collection Schedule. Provides an excellent set of instructions and options for recycling your leaves with schedules, maps, and a daily status update.

Charlotte – Mecklenburg County North Carolina Solid Waste Services Yard Waste. Good details and instructions are included at this site, and no dates are provided for as they collect weekly.

Dayton, Ohio Public Works Department New Leaf Collection Service. This new service begins October 25th, and for further details and instructions, go to the website listed here.

Detroit, Michigan Department of Public Works Yard Waste. No dates are given as Detroit picks up on a weekly basis, for further instructions and details visit their site.

Fairfax County, Virginia Department of Public Works and Environmental Services Vacuum Leaf Collection. No dates have been set yet as of this posting, but for further details visit their site in the link for this county.

Greensboro, North Carolina Field Operations Leaf Collection Program. Good set of instructions and details. The field operations conducts it Loose Leaf Collection Program this year from November 1 through January 22, 2011. Go to site for more detailed instructions.

Hartford, Connecticut Public Works Streets Leaf Collection Program. It seems this is done in the spring for Hartford. Go to the site listed here for further details and instructions.

Indianapolis, Indiana Department of Public Works Leaf Collection Service. As of this posting, no dates have yet to be set for this year, as the site currently gives dates for 2009.

James City, Virginia Solid Waste Management Yard Waste Collection. Contains good information and detailed instructions for the collection this year.

Louisville, Kentucky Solid Waste Yard Waste. Picked up weekly, good details and more instructions at the website listed here.

Madison, Wisconsin Streets and Recycling Leaf & Yard Waste Collection. States that the Fall Leaf Collection starts today, Monday, October 4th, 2010. For more details and instructions please visit the site.

Memphis, Tennessee Solid Waste Management Yard Wast Recycling. Detailed instructions are provided at the website listed here towards the bottom of the page.

Midland, Michigan Department of Public Services Midland’s Fall Leaf Collection Program Updates & Collection Areas Map. Provides updated details and instructions for this service, as well as providing schedules and maps. Service starts October 4th, 2010.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Sanitation Services Fall Leaf Collection Guidelines and Dept of Public Works Fall Leaf Collection Guidelines. Both are almost identical, and give the same message, which is that City of Milwaukee residents can rake leaves into the street from October 1st through November 15th for pickup by city crews.

Montgomery County, Maryland Department of Transportation 2010 County Leaf Vacuum Program. Begins November 8th, 2010 weather permitting. For further details please visit site.

Nashville, Tennessee Public Works Brush and Leaf Collection in Metro Nashville. Good details and instructions for this service which begins October 5th are available from their website.

New York City, New York NYC Recycle More, Waste Less. Due to budget cuts, the NYC fall leaf composting collection program is indefinitely suspended. During this suspension, officials state that leaves will be collected with regular household refuse on their regular refuse collection days. Paper lawn and leaf bags are not required as the leaves are collected as regular trash. NOTE: If the collection program is reinstated, residents in the leaf collection districts will receive a mailer detailing collection dates and proper set out for leaf composting.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Collection. According to the site, the City of Philadelphia no longer provides a mechanical leaf collection service as of the fall of 2009. Leaves must be put out in biodegradable brown paper bags alongside regular rubbish collections, but will be separated and composted once they reach the facility, so that is a good thing!

Providence, Rhode Island Recycling Office Yard Waste Service. This service begins in the spring and is done regularly. For further details and instructions visit the site listed here.

Richmond, Virginia Public Works Leaf Collection. No dates posted yet as of this posting, go to the site for more details and instructions.

Rockville, Maryland Seasonal Leaf Collection Schedule Fall 2010. Gives full list of dates and a map divided into areas with specific dates, straight forward and easy to follow.

Washington D.C. Leaf Collection. A map with instructions for the fall leaf collection service.

Worcester, Massachusetts Public Works & Parks Seasonal Information Fall Leaf Collection Monday, October 4, 2010. Good, detailed set of instructions and details and begins November 1, 2010.

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