Merry Christmas In English German Whichever Language or Faith 2010 Best Wishes

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Merry Christmas 2010 And Best Wishes For A Better New Year! Peace my Friends!

We here would like to wish all of our guests and friends a Merry Christmas in English, German, French, or whichever faith or religion you practice and your holiday, and whatever language or nationality you speak, and wish you the very best for the new year. It has been a hard year for many of us in 2010. We have had what seems like one natural disaster after another in 2010, not to mention several severe man made disasters as well. The world economy is still not anything to brag about, and many people are finding it difficult to obtain meaningful employment. It has also been the hottest year on record, or darn close to it, if I recall right, and many of us are concerned about our futures and our planets.

During Christmas and the holiday season, the common theme is peace on Earth and goodwill to man, and to be merry, and we wish that for everyone. In essence though, 2010 will be ending on a more positive note. The 2010 Cancun Climate Summit earlier this month achieved some successes, albeit not what everyone was hoping for, but we made progress on that front. In news just announced yesterday, the Obama Administration announced that it will use the EPA’s regulatory power to set limits on carbon dioxide emissions from factories, power plants, and refineries. Although this will more than likely undergo much controversy, conflicts, and political fighting, the groundwork is being laid and the foundation is starting to be built for a path towards clean energy and reduced CO2 emissions.

So, all in all, bad weather, jobs, economy have made the headlines all year, and now it’s time for some more positive news. The US may finally have crossed the invisible line into a real sense of urgency when it comes to curtailing our CO2 emissions, probably after they got the bill from all the natural disasters we have had this year, let alone the worlds. Whatever the case may be, we have made progress this year, not as much as many of us had hoped, but we are getting on the right track at least.

So for all our friends who have visited, who are visiting, and who will visit us this and next year, we wish you the a Merry Christmas in English, German or whatever nationality or language you speak (there is a translator at the bottom of the page!), and best wishes for a very Happy New Years. In our interpretation of Christmas and the holiday season, it is a time of giving and sharing, and even caring. Maybe we can carry some of that over this year and try to do a little more of that every day and be a little more merry for the new year and make 2011 one of the best, if not the best year ever! Peace on Earth my friends and good will to man, and may peace be with you all this holiday season and may your God bless you and your loved ones! Amen

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