Meteorologist Matt Hughes Storm Chaser Dies The Sad Truth How Matt Hughes Died

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Tribute to a friend - even if we didn't know him personally

Meteorologist Matt Hughes Storm Chaser Dies The Sad Truth of How Matt Hughes Died, as his death sent shock waves throughout the chasing community and the Discovery Channel family. Matt was an aspiring young meteorologist and storm chaser who was featured on the Discovery Channel series Storm Chasers and is the highlight of the series last episode, which aired last night, November 3, 2010. According to, a special episode of Storm Chasers called “dedication”, was aired and he has a tracking feature which is incredible “and is dedicated to his memory.” He was but one of a brave handful who choose to risk their lives in order to help us be better prepared in the event of a tornado, and will be remembered with honor here. Hughes died May 26th, 2010 in Wichita, Kansas. The Discovery Channel site posted some pictures later, recalling his contribution to the event, and the cable channel has also provided a special memorial fund which has been established to benefit his two young children.

In this heartbreaking episode, you can see his team struggle with his death, which was “unrelated to his storm chasing activities” and rumored to be due either to suicide or injury in a suicide attempt. It later was found out by TMZ that police had been called to his home on May 14th for a suicide call. He was taken to a local hospital but unfortunately passed away 13 days later from complications due to his attempted hanging. Drinking was also said to have been involved in the incident, and it was later learned that he suffered from depression, which even most of his close friends and partners didn’t know. He was only 30 years at the time of his death and had a promising career ahead of him. He leads the “Dog House” tornado chase vehicle for the TIV team, and had just been appointed as the teams navigator. He had 15 years experience chasing storms, which helped him get on the show in 2009. The suicide call came the same weekend of his last chase. He is survived by his wife Kendra and their two sons, Hunter and Collin.

Here is the link to the you tube video of Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers- Last Episode with the Meteorologist VIDEO HERE and here is the LINK for the Hughes Fund for donations to benefit his children. We here will remember him for his bravery in chasing storms and attempting to help us to better understand deadly Tornadoes. Meteorologist Matt Hughes Storm Chaser Dies was a shock to us all, and from all of us here at Green Planet Ethics Rest In Peace and God Bless our friend!

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