Mid Term Elections 2010 Remember Vote 2010 Green Climate Leaders Not Climate Deniers

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Vote Green for Climate Leaders, Not Climate Deniers!

Mid term elections 2010 are just around the corner, and Vote 2010 will be Tuesday, November 2, 2010. We have succeeded in getting President Obama to put solar back on the White House, and have reduced our energy use. We are tacking the fight back to big oil and coal companies and proving that we won’t just sit back as they trounce on our precious environment. The last two years we have made some good progress towards a greener planet, with help from a more environmentally friendly government and leaders. This can all change in the blink of an eye come November 2, as Republicans are poised to take back control of the senate and congress. They have been very blunt and straightforward about their plans, and that is to let big oil and big coal producers use the air we breath as a planetary sewer so to speak. We need Climate Leaders in the house, and if the climate deniers retake the house, we will spend the next two years trying to maintain the time and ground we have gained to enact stronger, more innovative clean energy and climate laws, and we will spend even longer trying to regain the ground we lose if Climate Leaders aren’t elected.

Another issue at hand for the mid term elections 2010, although it is not in the realm of the climate so much, is that, if elected, and they take control of the house, the Republicans have again, bluntly stated that they will repeal or change most of the Wall Street financial restrictions that have been put in place to protect all of us as consumers, and protect us from the gambling addict mentalities that created this financial crisis we have been in for the last two years. I usually don’t like to be either Republican, or Democratic, and prefer to vote for the best person for the job, but in this instance, I have to repudiate the Republican Party and seriously have to question their motives, albeit it seems fairly straightforward at this point, that it’s all about the money. I for one don’t want to be financially raped again by our government and financial leaders, and find this plan to be above and beyond acceptable. We really need to make some fundamental changes to our government and how we do things before it is seriously too late. They will sell all our souls for a few extra bucks it seems in this day and age so the elections in 2010 are extremely important.

Back to the issues at hand though, if we really want to take the next step and seriously engage the climate change issues, and take positive steps towards reducing our negative impact on the planet, we need to vote smarter, and be out in masses to keep the current positive momentum moving forward. If this election goes to the climate deniers, then we will have to fight tooth and nail just to try and maintain what we have accomplished to date. The big auto makers don’t want to increase fuel efficiency yet, for just one example, others want to drill for more oil in more dangerous environments, and we will more then likely end up with at least one more Gulf Oil Spill at the very least. The mid term elections 2010 are extremely important for our movement, and tell your friends, neighbors, relatives, anyone whom can vote 2010 that it is extremely important that we all vote green for the vote 2010, or we will lose much of what we have gained in the past couple years I imagine.

Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Green Party, or however you choose to vote and label yourself, make sure that you take into account the candidates plans for the environment, and take those just as seriously as taxes, spending, honesty, and other issues. There may be more at stake here than just the House of Representatives, as the clock is ticking loudly for our quest to gain control over our toxic emissions, and it is clicking loudly. For some of you whom think that all this green stuff is garbage, or if you think we are being set up, fine, so be it. But the climate is changing, like it or not, whether it be man made or not. The least we can do, if we have any sanity at all left, is to take care of our planet. Dumping toxic waste into the air and water and saying don’t worry about it is so irresponsible and negligent on so many levels, and ethically wrong that it truly makes me question everyone’s sanity. If you want to drink uncontaminated water and eat uncontaminated food and breath uncontaminated air, then green is the way to go, and for that matter, the only choice we should have. It may take a little getting used to, and take some effort on everyone’s part, but in the long run, it will be for the best for every living being on this planet. We had better start now, and no better time than vote in 2010 mid term election 2010 to make it clear what we want, Climate Leaders, not Climate Deniers, and we want a safer, healthier planet for all creatures and beings of our Green Planet! Find out where to vote HERE.

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