My GFCI is not working, but the green indicator light is on, I can’t reset or test, help?

I have GFCI outlets in my kitchen. The GFCI have a green indicator light on them which is on, but the reset or test buttons are not working. I can’t push in the reset or test buttons. I try plugging in a radio to the outlet, and it does not turn on. Also, my garbage disposal does not work. It is on the same circuit as the GFCI outlet. I have 2 GFCI outlets in my kitchen on different circuits, but both circuits don’t work. All the other GFCI in my house were installed at the same time, but the ones in my kitchen do not work. I tested the other GFCI outlets, and all of them test and reset properly and the green indicator light goes off when the GFCI is tripped, and come back on when it is reset except for the one in my kitchens. My appliances and lights in the kitchen work, but they are on a different circuit. Also, my outlet in my master bathroom does not work. It is a regualr outlet, which is I think is connected to one of the kitchen outlets. Help?


    • buildingadvisor on April 26, 2010 at 5:03 am
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    I had this problem happen at my house. There are two things that could be wrong.

    First, the GFCIs may be connected to other GFCIs in the house. It should not be that way but it can happen. Do not focus on where you think it might make sense to look for these, just test every one you find. The ones creating the problem for me were found in the garage behind a shelving unit I put in and forgot the GFCI was there. It happened to be connected to a GFCI in my master bath and one in my kitchen. I got frustrated and hired an electrician. He could not figure it out but ended up looping the electric to get those plugs working again. A year later I found the GFCI in the garage tripped. It would have solved a lot knowing this in the first place.

    The only other issue it could be are bad GFCI outlets. They can easily be replaced. Go to your local big box hardware store and pick 2 up. They will come with instructions on how to install them.

    • John himself on April 26, 2010 at 5:49 am
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    The chances of 2 GFCI receptacles going bad at the same time is like winning the lottery. Possible but not likely. Also not likely they are fed from other GFCI’s which also tripped together. That leaves the circuits feeding them. Have you checked the circuit breakers feeding them? This is an unusual problem. It may be time to call an electrician. Get a real one if you do.

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