Natural Ways to Stop a Sunburn From Peeling and Itching

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If this happens to you then read Natural Ways to Stop a Sunburn From Peeling and Itching

Natural ways to stop a sunburn from peeling and itching, for as we know a sunburn can be a nasty experience. A bad one can give you chills and a fever, not to mention terrible pain. A mild sunburn can still result in blistering, itching and peeling.

If you’ve accidentally stayed out in the sun too long, there are some things you can do that can help reduce itching and peeling. Most of these treatments are inexpensive and all of them are natural – you may even have some of them in your kitchen cabinets or pantry.

First, be careful with that burned skin – don’t use soap, washcloths, or do any scrubbing in the shower. Wash your hair upside-down under the bath faucet to avoid shampoo running over your sunburn. And when you get out of the shower or bath, pat your skin dry with a soft towel – don’t rub.

* Tea – Tea, green or black, has skin-soothing properties and has been known to stop relieve sunburn itch and prevent peeling. Black tea seems to work the best, or you could use a combination of green and black. Brew a quart or so of strong tea, pour it into a lukewarm bath, and soak.

* Baking Soda Bath – Baking soda can be very helpful in treating sunburn. Mix a cupful of baking soda into a lukewarm bath and let it soak your burned skin. Gently rinse the baking soda off with lukewarm water when you get out of the tub – baking soda residue can be itchy.

* Apple Cider Vinegar Bath – Smelly but effective, apple cider vinegar can work wonders for sunburned skin. You can soak in a lukewarm bath to which a cup or so of apple cider vinegar has been added. Or, you can mix vinegar and water into a spray bottle (1 part vinegar to 3 parts water) and spritz it onto your skin. Let your vinegar-treated skin air dry.

* Natural Oils: Coconut, Almond, Olive – When you get out of your bath, natural oils are a good choice for replacing your skin’s lost moisture. Pure coconut oil is solid at room temperature, but melts quickly in the hands and on the skin. Almond oil is said to be the closest to natural skin oil – sweet almond oil is considered the best. Olive oil is an ancient remedy against sun-dried skin, and is used extensively to moisten skin in the desert regions of the Middle East.

* Aloe Vera – Pure Aloe vera gel can be obtained directly from an Aloe plant. Simply slit a thick Aloe leaf lengthwise down the middle and scoop out the gel. You can use a knife to scrape the inside of the leaf in order to get all the gel out. Many stores sell Aloe vera gel, but make sure it’s pure gel – Aloe vera juice or lotions and skin products containing Aloe are not the same. Apply this ancient burn remedy liberally to sunburned skin that is clean and dry.

We hope that Natural Ways to Stop a Sunburn From Peeling and Itching helps you to naturally relieve your sunburn and peeling problems naturally!

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