NORAD Santa Tracker 2011 Watch Santa Live With Google Earth and NORAD

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NORAD Santa Tracker 2011 Watch Santa Live With Google Earth and NORAD

With the NORAD Santa Tracker 2011 you can track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve on his infamous good will trek across the globe here. Since it has been a tough year for all of us, with the extreme weather and failed efforts in legislation to make an significant impact on climate change again, we decided to lighten up the spirit around here again this year and present you with a little holiday cheer! Children from around the world have been preparing for this day for quite awhile now, and in approximately 26 days can track Santa Claus on his magical journey with the tracker site, which is already posting news and updates from around the world for Christmas 2011 at the North Pole.

The NORAD Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve is something that the children of the world can have fun with each and every year, and it provides a great, interactive way for parents to both have fun with them and discretely teach them a little about geography in the process. Using the NORAD Tracks Santa website, which is powered by Google Earth, the kids can follow Santa as he makes his worldwide journey on Christmas Eve as long as you have Google Earth plug-in installed, which is free of charge by the way.

Countdown to Track Santa Claus Live:

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Current Weather Conditions at the North Pole:

The recent addition of Google Earth to the Santa tracker 2011 has really increased popularity in the Santa Tracker for both youngsters and adults. Now parents and their children can go online to check out where Santa currently is, and we can get some amazingly detailed, accurate information on his current location, complete with Google Earth’s vivid graphics. One of the things kids like to do most is chart the distance from Santa’s current location to their own location.

NORAD is of course the joint US and Canadian military center in charge of monitoring and defending North American air space, developed at the onset of the Cold War. For over 50 years now, the military has been tracking Santa Claus on his annual flight in a tradition that dates back to a 1955 Sears department store ad that allowed children to make a phone call to the North Pole.

Kids can spend the pre-flight days leading up to the annual Christmas flight visiting what’s called Santa’s village. This Santa-tracking website goes live on December 1, as children can go online to watch the clock and get new updates on Santa every day. The village area features attractions and games that kids can play while waiting for the much relished day of Santa’s journey. They also have a video on December 24th to see Santa fly, with the cameras capturing images and videos of Santa Claus and the reindeer as they fly around the world. There are also student videos to view from around the world, which are available on when the NORAD site goes live before Christmas Eve.

The update posted for Christmas 2011 indicates nine reindeer will make this year’s flight, and that one of them has a bright, shiny red nose and of course answers to the name of Rudolph. Both adults and children alike will be able to enjoy this awesome idea to track Santa Claus, and it makes for a wonderful interactive experience that kids can really get excited about to track Santa Christmas Eve, and for adults it can bring back fond memories of days old, when things were less complicated, and we can have some fun with our children with the NORAD Santa Tracker 2011 where you can watch & track Santa Christmas Eve Live With Google Earth and Norad! Peace on Earth and Goodwill to men, and most of all, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

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