Obama Energy and the Environment Copenhagen Promises Hard to Fulfill

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Obama Energy and the Environment Copenhagen Promises Will be Much Harder to Fulfill After Republicans Take Office Cancun Climate Summit Treaty Talks Hold Little Immediate Promise at Least from US

With the recent election results, the Obama energy and environment agenda will meet hard opposition from the newly elected Republicans, making the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit promises much harder to fulfill, much less make any progress at this years Cancun Climate Change Summit. During the last two years the US coal industry, which is big business, obviously has been under scrutiny and attacks by the Obama Administration, however, that will be quickly put to rest. David McKinley, a Republican congressman from West Virginia ran his election platform on coal and he was elected. He is against all forms of cap and tax, and says a new plan is needed. In his own words, “There’s a war on coal coming from this (Obama Administration), and Congress seems to be going with it. Coal is West Virginia. It’s the backbone of our budgets. To have this war on coal is destructive to our ability to maintain economic viability in the state.” He has been accused of getting rich from millions in government contracts as a state legislator, and mismanaging the state GOP and its funds while chairman of it. So Obama has lost much support for his energy and environment plans.

Another new Republican, who thinks we are in a ‘climate change cycle’, Gary Howell, a West Virginia State Delegate wants 14 new coal mines re-opened, as they currently can’t get a operating license. He claims the bureaucratic nightmare from environmentalists and especially the EPA have cost hundreds, if not thousands of coal mining jobs. He doesn’t bother to include the thousands of jobs lost by mountain top removal mining, by the way. As a newly elected State Delegate, he has drafted legislation that would undo these mine closures and put miners back to work. He claims the mines have met all the requirements for their EPA permits, but the Obama Administrations Obama energy and environment cause is simply not issuing the permits. The claims are that these actions are illegal, and are being challenged in court,. The new bill, the Intrastate Coal and Use Act will take effect immediately, thus allowing the mines to re-open. There are 100 mines nationally that are affected by the Obama EPA, with 38 being in West Virginia. To see more on these two and Coal CLICK HERE.

The gist of the whole collapse of the Obama Energy and Environmental movement and his Copenhagen promises have been brought about primarily by Republicans, and many who voted for them. The economy plays a major factor in this ditching of any potential environmental good brought about by Obama’s first couple years in office and the Copenhagen Summit Treaty Talks promises. Same ole, same ole rhetoric which has been professed by millions for 100’s of years, that’s the way we’ve always done things, and that’s the way we’ll always do things. The paradigm has changed, the status quo is different, and the stakes are now much higher. By the time climate change hits with all it’s might, West Virginia will be a swamp again, and there will probably be no more USA, at least not to speak of. The beligerent rantings of deniers is nothing more than fear brought about by the loss of power, money, comfort zones, status quos, and other selfish concerns. The problem is this won’t change anytime soon, and I’m not so sure we can continue to keep pumping out co2 like it’s no big deal anymore. It has become a huge deal, and we are reaching the end of a long rope, and I hope we don’t hang ourselves. We have had knowledge of this problem for many years, yet we did nothing to alter our ways. We now have hard evidence seen daily across the globe about the problem, still many claim it doesn’t exist, or it is natural. ‘Normal climate change cycles’ are thousands of years in the making, not 10 years. We are in the midst of RAPID CLIMATE CHANGE, and are still ignoring the fact for the most part. Some of us have committed to the cause, and more are joining daily, but will it be enough? We can only hope, and for those whom so choose, pray that the rest of us will come on board. We have made some progress, as has been witnessed at the Cancun Climate Summit Treaty Talks this year in Cancun, Mexico, but it may be too little, too late.

The initial Obama energy and environment plan had hope, but that has since been mostly squashed, and maybe even repealed soon, and the Copenhagen promises are bound to be unfulfilled. A primary energy change is not going to result in a loss of all of our jobs, it will, however, result in the replacement of those jobs. We can ship them to China and India like we have been doing, or start being a leader and create those jobs here. Our complacency and lack of any significant plans for energy construction, maintenance, and supply will ultimately lead to our downfall. We will be left holding an empty bag as everyone else takes the lead in the alternative energy sectors, and we will still have black faces from our dirty coal. And by the way, fyi, clean coal is another bunch of crap (SEE MORE HERE), there is no such thing! Oil is not forever, and it is bad, neither is coal forever, and it is bad as well. I don’t even have a clue as to how many people have died from these two toxic, deadly, dangerous killers, either directly, or indirectly. I’m sure it is probably in the hundreds of thousands, if not even millions. What in the world will we do when we run out of oil, which will probably be in 50 years or so by the way, give or take a few. By the time we are halfway through that 50 year period, the price of oil will probably be so expensive that most won’t even be able to afford to drive probably. The point is, it is time to stop wasting what little precious time we have to get a grip on our wasteful and deadly ways, and put a stop to this biligerent rhetoric about the current climate change being a natural cycle, which is another bunch of crap, excuse my French. WE can hope that progress will bet made at the Cancun Climate Change Summit Treaty Talks, but unfortunately, money talks, and you know the rest. We have a battle ahead my friends, and hats off to those whom have taken the initiative and are doing something for this energy and environment cause. Our applause and thanks go out to you! But the battle has just begun, and hopefully we will overcome our critics and
deniers and live happily ever after!

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it can be a good thing, which was the Obama platform (change) before he was elected to office. Change isn’t always bad, and most of the time it is for the better. We should start a serious concerted effort to shift our energy demands away from the conventional wisdom and go to sustainable sources, for which there will be unlimited supply. Oh yea, that is what scares some people, they won’t make their blood money, but that is an entirely different article, which will be coming soon by the way. Don’t even get me started!

With the Obama Energy and the Environment Copenhagen Promises Hard to Fulfill now, we must push harder, and fight to save what we can of our precious planet! The Cancun Climate Summit Treaty Talks have gotten off to a good start, but don’t expect much help from a reluctant US Government. It’s not like we can pack up and leave, like some pretend to think will be possible. Just because it isn’t in your backyard yet, doesn’t mean it won’t be in the not to distant future, and maybe even tomorrow!

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