One Nation Rally Attendance Falls Short of Expectations or Does It?

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One Nation Rally Attendance Falls Short of Expectations, or Does It?

One Nation Rally Attendance, One Nation Working Together Liberal Rally went off without a hitch and good weather as under an estimated 100,000 attended the event at the Washington Mall in Washington D.C., but those figures are being debated. Most of those in attendance were of course, liberal groups, and gathered with the hopes of energizing the Democratic Base one month before the critical November Congressional Elections take place. They stressed the importance of each and every vote at the event, and alternative ways to have your vote heard, with the focus being on the Internet as the best way to spread the message.

As the event planning included a march, members and supporters of the Unemployed Workers Action Group (UWAG) met in Manhattan, New York at 5:30 a.m. for their journey to Washington, D.C. to attend the One Nation March sponsored by Workers AFL-CIO on October 2, 2010. When the UWAG bus arrived at Section 8 of the RFK Stadium parking lot in Washington, D.C., the vies of the large number of buses that already parked undoubtedly revealed that the One Nation Rally Attendance was going to be big and be a success. Before exiting the buses, members and supporters grabbed their signs and placed a circle placard on their shirts or jackets with the words “The American Dream Has No Expiration Date”. Whether young or old, the feeling of unity was the same and felt by all union members and supporters of the One Nation March.

Sam Talbot and Connie Kaplan guided the UWAG members and supporters from the RFK Stadium Metro Transit Center to the Foggy Bottom Metro Transit Center. Afterward, UWAG members and supporters walked through the streets of Washington, D.C. on the way to the Washington Mall. Upon their arrival at the Mall, a large group of people had already gathered and large masses of people were still on the way. C-Span and NBC News vans were parked outside the Lincoln Memorial with their crew set-up on the walkway. Chairs and blankets were set-up and laid-out on the ground and everyone enjoyed the One Nation March speakers.

Television personality Ed Schultz of the “Ed Show” was the first to speak at the One Nation March event and was followed by the Reverend Al Sharpton. The following speakers gave speeches at the event including NAACP President Ben Jealous, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr., Victoria Rowell, Sen. Guitterez, and Richard Trumpka. To sum things up, the speakers focused on issues involving Civil Rights, Immigration, Gay Rights, Women Rights, Equal Education, Voting Rights, Unemployment and the Economy. Overall, the message encouraged everyone to get out and vote this November 2, 2010. Most of the people that attended the One Nation March left the event feeling rejuvenated and very excited about casting their votes in the upcoming critical November elections. The One Nation March ended with George Clinton singing the Parliament Funkadelic world renowned song, “One Nation Under A Groove.”

After the One Nation March event had ended, organizers were anxious to find an estimate of how many people attended the rally on October 2, 2010. Having witnessed the large number of supporters that gathered she knew that the One Nation March was a historic event and a huge success. Today, it was learned via satellite that an estimated 175,000 to 200,000 showed-up for the One Nation March. A previous gathering on the Lincoln Memorial hosted by Glenn Beck only gathered an estimated 87,000 to 100,000 people. Certain news reports are being looked upon with jaundiced eyes. Anyone who attended the One Nation March will concede that a minimum of 175,000 people showed support for the One Nation March on October 2, 2010. However, news reports are circulating that the One Nation March had very little support and misrepresented the numbers in an attempt to downplay the importance of Saturday’s rally.

From what was witnessed Saturday by most, the fear mongering Republicans and their supporters cannot seriously believe that they have an edge over Democrats in the upcoming election. The One Nation March was intended to show Americans that Democrats are still united and strong despite difficult times in primary’s and at the polls. The march was a reminder to the American people that the election of President Barack Obama was just the first part of the American Dream, not the last. Now, we must get the vote out for constituents whom represent our political positions in order to move this country forward, not reverse it. The only way to stop party line voting and filibusters in the U.S. Senate is to vote against those U.S. Senators who participate in these types of unscrupulous activities. Holding a bill hostage from being tabled for debate is nothing more than Senatorial malpractice. America is not as divided as most media outlets would like us to think at this point, and the One Nation March allowed Americans to see for ourselves the sheer numbers we will have at the polls this coming November. After leaving the One Nation March, the attendees felt as if they will forever be bonded as brothers and sisters sharing a common interest in One Nation with one vote.

In fact, the goal of the rally was to undermine the strength in numbers of the Tea Party, as they are claiming to have a larger amount of people than the “Restoring Honor” rally held by Glenn Beck’s crew on August 28th at the same location, according to the events organizers. There are differing opinions on the actual attendance for the event, as each party seems to be putting their own spin on the event. The AP however, claims that in no way did the One Nation Working Together Rally have more attendees than restoring honor. The National Park service stopped providing official crowd estimates in the 1990’s by the way, but the One Nation Rally Attendance for October 2nd’s event were less dense and didn’t reach as far back to the edges as they did during the August 28th “Restoring Honor” rally. So, as for attendance, it may be unknown, but for rally attendees, they like their numbers, and I guess that’s all that matters.

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