Puppy Mills: Puppy Mill Facts – Why You Shouldn’t Buy From Pet Shop

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Puppy Mills Puppy Mill Facts Why You Shouldn't Buy From Pet Shop

Puppy mills, puppy mill facts why you shouldn’t buy from pet shop, as most of us, especially those with children, know that pet stores can be such fun to visit. The animals are so cute behind the glass windows, especially the dogs. They roll around, look cute, and often charm pet store customers into buying them. But where did that puppy come from? It’s a good question, and often the answer is a puppy mill.

While not all pet stores obtain their stock from these mills, nearly all of these mills sell to pet shops. The likelihood that the doggy in the window came from a puppy mill is very high.

Puppy Mills versus Responsible Breeders

A well-run breeding facility is not a puppy mill. The term is not clearly defined, which makes it frustrating for responsible breeders. But generally speaking, a puppy mill refers to unclean, over-crowded facilities where animals are irresponsibly bred for economic gain with no consideration for breed integrity or health of the animals. Puppy mill puppies are often inbred, or have diseases and chronic disorders.

Buying Makes the Problem Worse

You may really want to buy that poor pet store puppy. After all, it’s not his fault he was bred in a puppy mill and he needs a good home. Yes, he does, but don’t let your heart lead you. Buying a puppy from a pet shop means an empty cage that’s then available for another puppy mill puppy. It also means that you give a large sum of your money to the puppy mill owner and the pet shop that purchased it.

Go to the Source

A pet store owner, manager, or employee is probably not going to get specific with you about the source of its puppies. They may tell you they come from “a breeder” or “a responsible breeder,” or some such, but if you ask for names and addresses of the breeders who sold the puppies to the the shop, you will probably be disappointed.

Other Ways to Get a Puppy

If you do want a pure-bred puppy, there are some things you can do that do not involve buying one from a pet store.

* Rescue Groups – Some wonderful animals with proven temperament are available through breed rescue groups. These animals are pure-bred and may even have been rescued from a puppy mill operation or condemned pet store. Through a rescue group, you can obtain a dog that is the breed you desire without supporting the puppy mill industry.

* Animal Shelters – Some great animals are in animal shelters awaiting adoption. You may even find a pure-bred animal there. But the wonderful mutt, with all its interesting markings and body types, can make an excellent pet. And mixed-breed dogs are more resistant to disease.

* Responsible Breeders – There are responsible breeding facilities out there. A good breeder will allow you to tour the entire facility, including the adult breeding animals (the puppies’ mom and dad). Show up on a day when they are not expecting you so that you can see the real thing.

To find out about eBay selling puppies click the following link eBay Selling Puppies From Puppy Mills and learn how you can help to stop it!

We hope that Puppy Mills Puppy Mill Facts Why You Shouldn’t Buy From Pet Shop helps you purchase your next pet from a more animal friendly and responsible individual or store!

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