Rally to Restore Sanity Attendance Figures

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Jon Stewart Rally Crowd Estimates

The rally to restore sanity attendance figures are estimated to be will over 200,000 people. The most conservative estimate was 215,000 by CBS News, which was a crowd estimate commissioned by CBS News itself. The company AirPhotosLive.com was commissioned to do the estimate, and they base attendance figures on aerial photographs it took from over the rally, which was at the National Mall in Washington. The company claims a margin of error of plus or minus ten percent. In comparison, CBS also used AirPhotosLive.com to estimate the crowd for Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in August, which was estimated by them at 87,000. Meanwhile Canada’s CTV estimated 250,000 people attended the rally.

Due to the high turnout to the event, TBD reported that many of the rallies would be attendants instead converged on bars to watch the event. The National Park service doesn’t estimate crowds, but the New York Times’ writer Brian Stelter Tweeted “well over 200,000” people at the rally during the event said a New York Times executive. Comedy Central’s permit for the event said that it estimated 60,000 people to attend the event, and the Wall Street Journal reported that they had enough port-a-potties for 150,000 attendants. The final actual count for the Rally to Restore Sanity Attendance will never be known, unless we hire someone to count each and every person attending events here, so for now we will have to count on our guesstimates (educated guesses) for crowds and attendance.

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