Recycle Computers How to Donate or Recycle Old Computers

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Recycle Computers How to Donate or Recycle Old Computers

Recycle computers how to donate or recycle old computers, and as most of us are know how computers enhance our lives and make some careers and lifestyles possible. But when they break or wear out, what do you do with them? Many people just stick them in the basement. But the more responsible choices are to donate or recycle your computer. Here’s some tips on how to properly dispose of them.

1. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( is a great place to start. It lists contacts for local programs so you can find computer recycling or donation programs near you. See if they have a “Plug-In to eCycling Partner” in your area.

2. is a site that has consolidated the names and contact information of many environmental networks and programs. Contact them to find information about eCycling in your community.

3. My Green Electronics, at, is provided by the Consumer Electronics Association. It has good information on the purchase or recycling of used electronics, and has a zip code search to help you find recycling opportunities in your area.

4., besides having a catchy name, is also a comprehensive collection of information to help those who want to recycle, refurbish, or donate their old computer. If you are a refurbisher yourself, this is a good site to check.

5. lists non-profit organizations that are interested in using or reselling your old computer.

6. The Recycling and Reuse Network at has been in the business of recycling old computers since the mid-1990s. They give specifications for computers that you wish to recycle.

7. Don’t forget to check with your local businesses as well. Your recycling facility can probably direct you to someone who can help recycle your old computer. Local electronics stores may have good advice as well.

Other Tips
1. Whether donating, refurbishing, or recycling, be sure to erase your hard drive first. There is specific software to enable you to do this. Make sure all personal information is off your computer, including stored passwords.

2. Be sure to deactivate internet service or other services related to your computer.

We hope that Recycle computers how to donate or recycle old computers helps you to properly dispose of your old computer!

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