Sources of Calcium The Top Ten Food Sources of Calcium

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Sources of Calcium The Top Ten Food Sources of Calcium

Sources of calcium, the top ten food sources of calcium, and we all are aware of the fact that health professionals do emphasize the importance of calcium in our diets, especially for women. There are good reasons for this emphasis – this nutrient is essential for strong bones (especially in post-menopausal women), proper muscle and nerve function, and proper blood clotting. Food sources are best for obtaining this mineral. Supplements may not be “bioavailable,” or easily absorbed by the body.

Adult men and pre-menopausal women need about 1000 milligrams of it a day, and women need about 1200 milligrams after menopause. Here are ten of the top foods that are good sources of calcium.

1. Plain Yogurt
One 8-ounce cup of plain yogurt contains anywhere from 415 to 452 milligrams of the mineral. Because of the live cultures in yogurt, it is absorbed better than the calcium in 8 ounces of milk. Low-fat, not fat-free yogurt is the best choice. Vitamin D, which is essential to calcium absorption, is fat-soluble. Thus, the fat content in yogurt may help with the absorption of this nutrient.

2. Sardines
This tiny fish still contains its bones. Three ounces of this tasty snack contains 325 milligrams of it. Their fatty acid content may also aid absorption.

3. Cheese
Cheese is a very popular food, and it is okay to indulge (in moderation of course) in order to get your supply of this mineral. Not all cheeses provide the same amount of calcium, however. Romano cheese provides 300 milligrams per ounce, and cottage cheese provides 138 milligrams per cup.

4. Leafy Greens
Greens like kale, spinach, collards, chard, and broccoli are very good sources of calcium, cooked or raw. A cup of raw broccoli has 33 milligrams, and turnip greens have 208 milligrams per cup (cooked). Try a little low-fat cheese on that broccoli, or sprinkle some Romano cheese on a spinach salad.

5. Beans
All beans are good sources of calciuml. Soybean products like tofu are an especially good source. Black-eyed peas have 211 milligrams per cup (cooked), and a 150-gram slab of tofu has 310 milligrams.

6. Nuts and Seeds
Almonds and sesame seeds are high in this mineral, as are sunflower seeds, hazelnuts and pistachios. One ounce of almonds has 70 milligrams, and an ounce of sunflower seeds has about 35 milligrams. Sesame seeds have 50 milligrams in 1/4 cup.

7. Molasses
In a tablespoon of molasses, you will find 172 milligrams of it. Note, though, that blackstrap molasses is the most nutritious. Other forms of this by-product of sugar manufacturing do not necessarily have the same amount of it.

8. Figs
An ounce of dried figs has 36 milligrams of the mineral. Try nibbling some of these naturally sweet fruits for dessert.

9. Citrus
Boost your morning meal with citrus-based source of it. A medium orange has 43 milligrams, and 8 ounces of grapefruit juice has 300.

10. Okra
Half a cup of this Southern specialty has 65 milligrams of this crucial element.

We hope that Sources of Calcium The Top Ten Food Sources of Calcium helps you add a healthy amount of calcium to yours and your loved ones diet!

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