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June 4 2011 Hot & Muggy Conditions Continue In Tennessee Valley Through Weekend


Event: National Weather Service Public Safety Special Weather Statement Alert: Issued June 4 2011 Hot & Muggy Conditions Continue In Tennessee Valley Through Weekend URGENT – WEATHER MESSAGE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE MEMPHIS TN 1105 AM CDT SAT JUN 4 2011 …VERY HOT AND HUMID CONDITIONS WILL CONTINUE THROUGH MONDAY EVENING… .A SURFACE AND UPPER LEVEL …

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Typhoon Megi Tracking For Southern China and Hong Kong

typhoon megi,hong kong,southern china,south china sea,storm,area,china,luzon,southern,tuesday,expected,high,megi,strong

As Typhoon Megi moved off the west coast of Luzon in the Philippines early Tuesday morning, Southern China and Hong Kong are bracing and preparing for it’s expected arrival. China’s state run Xinhua news agency reported that the southern province of Guangdong appeared to be at highest risk from Megi, which could result in waves …

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June 2 2011 Tornado Watch 420 For West Central Illinois & West Central Missouri


June 2 2011 The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Watch number 420 For West Central Illinois & West Central Missouri at 3:40 PM CDT until 9:00 PM CDT URGENT – IMMEDIATE BROADCAST REQUESTED TORNADO WATCH NUMBER 420 NWS STORM PREDICTION CENTER NORMAN OK 340 PM CDT THU JUN 2 2011 THE NWS STORM …

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Earthquake San Francisco San Jose Bay Area Friday January 7 2011


The earthquake San Francisco San Jose Bay Area on Friday, January 7 2011 which was a small earthquake measuring 4.1 hit the Californian city of San Jose and the surrounding area on Friday afternoon at 4:10 PM, January 7 2011, according to the USGS. The epicenter of the quake, which occurred at about 4:10 pm …

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Natural Stain Removers How to Remove Stubborn Stains With Natural Ingredients

stain,stains,water,salt,clothing,rub,vinegar,area,carpet,sprinkle,natural stain removers

With these natural stain removers, you don’t have to douse your home or clothing with chemicals to remove difficult stains. Here are some tips on how to remove them with natural ingredients. 1. For liquid stains on your carpet, sprinkle them with ordinary table salt (use plenty). After half an hour or so, vacuum up …

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Man Made Disasters List Part 2 The Dust Bowl Man Made Disaster

man made disasters,dust bowl,dust,bowl,soil,disasters,man,region,area,created,drought,erosion

Man Made Disasters Part 2 The Dust Bowl The Dust Bowl, also referred to as the Dirty Thirties, was primarily created by man with a little help from mother nature, from 1930 to 1936 and until 1940 in some areas. After several periods of unusual rainfalls, which encouraged settlement and cultivation in the Great Plains, …

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Mountaintop Removal Mining Man Made Disasters Causes and Effects Part 3

mountaintop removal mining,man made disasters,mining,coal,mtr,mountaintop,area,companies,land,topsoil,use,fills

When Mountaintop removal mining (MTR), also referred to as mountaintop mining (MTM), has been utilized by the mining industry since the 1960’s. Increases in demand for coal which was multiplied by the gasoline shortages of 1973 and 1979 contributed to coal companies searching for a more economical means of coal mining than the then standard …

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Wisconsin River Levee Breach Forces Residents to Flee

wisconsin river,levee,river,residents,flood,area,waters,wisconsin,sand,water,120,Wisconsin River Levee Breach

Wisconsin River Levee Breach forces residents of the City of Portage to flee after a 120 year old levee started failing after heavy rainfall last week of up to 10 to 12 inches in some areas, raised the river levels over the flood stage. The breach also may have stranded some residents in the Blackhawk …

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Children And The Environment How to Raise Environmentally Responsible Kids

kids,children,it's,area,encourage,environmentally,food,just,make,nature,children and the environment

If you are concerned about the future of your children and the environment, it makes sense to raise your children to be environmentally responsible. After all, the future belongs to them. Investing in your kids and making them aware of the planet is one of the most environmentally responsible things you can do. Here are …

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Mystery Missile Launch in California Caught Live on Video

mystery missile,missile launch,launch,missile,area,california,military,ellsworth,faa,mystery,object,stated

Mystery Missile launch in California caught live on video, as last night on a quiet evening in southern California, the sky was awakened and lit up by what appeared to be a missile launch. This mysterious even was caught on video tape by a news helicopter from KCBS, a local CBS affiliate major television network. …

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