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Verilux CFS13VLX 13 Watt Compact Spiral Global Cooling Natural Spectrum Fluorescent Bulbs, 2 Pack

13 Watt Global Cooling bulb is equivalent to one 60W incandescent 10,000 hour bulb life lasts 13 times the life of regular bulbs Brings the brilliance of true colors to life with famous Natural Spectrum Daylight illumination Perfect for small table lamps and desk lighting Verilux donates $1 from the sale of each bulb package …

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How to Prepare your Garden For The First Frost

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When the first frost is just around the corner, the evenings begin to come earlier and the foliage on the leaves begins to change, it’s time to think about preparing your garden for the event. Here is how to get your garden ready for that first nip in the air. 1. Remove Weeds It can …

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Comparing Light Bulb Costs – energy saving bulbs versus normal?

How much does it cost to run a normal 100W light bulb? Per hour and the whole life of the bulb (please specify the life span you are using). How much does it cost to run a 25W (equivalent to 100W of a normal bulb) energy saving light bulb? Per hour and the whole life …

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The Case For Low Energy Light Bulbs

It’s not only because of recent EU Regulations for the phasing out of traditional incandescent bulbs that we should be considering using low energy light bulbs / energy saving light bulbs / (CFLs).  Making a more positive contribution to the environment, and saving money are two good sound reasons for making the change in your …

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Are there energy efficient light bulbs with a light closer to that of regular bulbs?

I really dislike the type/tone of light those curly(?) energy efficient bulbs put out.

Introducing a New Flavor of Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

The pros and cons of energy-efficient light bulbs have been much debated over the last decade. The main focus of the discussion has been CFL light bulbs. Introduced in the ’80s, these electricity sippers have been greatly improved over the years. CFL light bulbs are enthusiastically endorsed by the Energy Star program and are the …

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