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Typhoon Megi Tracking For Southern China and Hong Kong

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As Typhoon Megi moved off the west coast of Luzon in the Philippines early Tuesday morning, Southern China and Hong Kong are bracing and preparing for it’s expected arrival. China’s state run Xinhua news agency reported that the southern province of Guangdong appeared to be at highest risk from Megi, which could result in waves …

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China Shuts Solar Panel Factory After Anti-Pollution Protests


Chinese authorities have temporarily suspended production at the Zhejiang JinkoSolar Company factory that makes solar panels in eastern China following protests by local residents who blame the plant for fouling the local air and water with pollution, a government Web site reported on Monday. Since last Thursday, the Zhejiang JinkoSolar Company factory has drawn hundreds …

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Super Typhoon Megi Hits Northern Phillipines Monday

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Super Typhoon Megi, or Typhoon Juan as known by some, has made landfall near the Luzon Island town of Palanan Bay in the Isabela Province, downing trees, utility poles, and power lines. It had maximum sustained winds of 225 kph (140 mph) and gusts up to 260 kph (162 mph). As it made landfall, winds …

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Rare Earth Elements Vital to Green Technology Becoming Harder to Get From China


Rare earth elements or minerals (REEs), aren’t actually rare, as they are as abundant as nickel or tin, and come by the obscure names such as dysprosium, gadolinium and praseodymium. While these names are your average household name, or item, these elements are crucial in the high tech labs and assembly plants, as they are …

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